skincare issues? See if you’re doing these 10 common summer skincare mistakes!

The season of beaches, cool drinks and fun clothes is finally here with so many vacations and hangout plans after everything is re-opening, right?

However, while the summer brings so many joyful activities outdoors, our skin is the first that catches up with the scorching heat. And, a break from the skincare routine can risk it to the bunch of skin issues we definitely don’t want.

In fact, sweating and exposure to dirt and pollution can easily damage our skin with rashes, sunburn, clogged pores and even acne.

Now, the question is what you’re doing for healthy and glowing skin this summer?

Though, we all have our own personalized skincare routine. But, the point is what you’ve chosen in winter is not necessary to make you glow this summer.

Amidst so many skin care ideas and tons of products, we often end up doing some common summer skincare mistakes that lead to even more skin problems.

So here I am with some basic skincare mistakes you must check and avoid to get glowing skin this summer!

Same skincare routine

Just like you don’t wear winter clothes in summer, your skincare routine also doesn’t fall into the all-in-one care throughout the year.

Many of us make this common skincare mistake by sticking to the same skin care tips and products we used to follow.

But, understand that our skin needs different pampering in the heat waves of the burning sun where skin care issues tend to increase. Summer comes with its own challenges like suntans, blackheads, dark spots and many.

Hence, it’s better to change the skincare routine with the weather and also according to skin type. Because oily skin is being treated differently than dry or sensitive skin.

So, opt for a good summer skin care routine and you’ve just corrected your very first mistake!

Your phone is not clean!

You might be thinking of why I need to clean my phone, but that’s essential.

If you are like me keeping your phone with you all the time, then think of your phone struggling with the dirt and sweat you catch from your hands or face while using it.

Although you keep cleaning your face and hands in such muggy days, a phone is still having bacteria on it. And when you use the phone, all those impurities directly hit the face, resulting in blemishes and breakouts.

This is one of the basic summer skincare mistakes we do regularly and are not even aware of it.

To avoid skin freckles, it’s better to clean your phone screen with disinfecting wipes. Or, makeup wipes will also do the trick. It is also recommended to change and wash your pillow cover often.

The sunscreen role

skincare mistakes - no sunscreen

We all know how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays, but how many of you really use it in a proper way?

Sunscreen is obviously a vital skincare product during summer since UV radiation causes premature aging and even skin cancer.

Though, this is one of the most common skincare mistakes we repeat by not reapplying it or even skipping it.

I know, it’s easy to forget and some even don’t know about the fact that sunscreen is only effective if used correctly and also at the right time.

Be sure to slather on the sunscreen with SPF between 30 to 50 or broad-spectrum sunscreens are also good.

As a general rule, apply sunscreen at-least 30 minutes before you leave the house. Also, make sure to re-apply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours as any sunscreen lasts a maximum of 3 hours.

Notice that even on cloudy days your skin needs protection, so don’t mess up with the sunscreenJ

No Exfoliation

skincare mistakes - no exfoliation

Usually, sweating because of humid heat in summer traps the dirt, oil and outside toxic bacteria on the skin which are enough to clog skin pores and give you several skin issues.

Exfoliation, therefore, is an essential skincare routine to remove all dead skin cells and to get natural, healthy-looking skin.

What you can do is, use gentle exfoliator products available for your skin type or you can give yourself a rejuvenating spa-like experience with natural exfoliants at home.

Both ways, you’ll see how your skin has become so much fresh and free of breakouts and those irritating acne.

While no exfoliation is the biggest skincare mistake in nurturing for skin, exfoliating once or twice a week can do the trick.

Easy-going on spots check

summer flip-flops

Strapless short summer dresses and flip-flops indeed look cool together, but definitely not the cracked heels and rough hands.

Many are just focusing on the face in summer thinking they’re doing a good summer skincare job, but this is where they make their summer skincare mistakes.

As you’re out in the sun, not only your face needs to be covered but your other body parts too. Your shoulders, feet, back and hands also need to be pampered just like your face.

Give your heels a soothing scrub massage and keep them moisturized. While stepping out in the hot waves, make sure you apply sun protection to every part of your body including shoulders, feet, back and hands along with the face.

Put on the sunglasses and hat for your eyes and hair. Don’t be easy-going on other spots of your body, they need to be smooth and shiny too…

Makeup mistakes you do

makeup mistakes

Undoubtedly, we all want to look good despite summer skincare. However, that doesn’t mean to just slather on the heavy makeup.

Wearing makeup especially when you’re out in the flaming heat, can cause you to sweat a lot which may leave you with breakouts.

A heavy makeup for a long time blocks your pores and you are more liable to fine lines, wrinkles, rashes and acne.

Not only this but taking off the makeup while sleeping and cleaning your makeup brushes properly is also that much important. It is good to use natural and chemical-free wipes or cleansers to remove makeup.

Think of depending on skin protection, cleansers and moisturizers as per your skin type than the makeup, or even if you do, keep it light.


skincare mistakes - over-cleansing

Yeah, those sweaty and oily summer days tempt us to keep our skin clean, but over-cleansing can result in skin irritation.

Every time you wash your face, it strips the top layer of the natural oil we require to keep the skin hydrated. Furthermore, to balance this, the skin releases more oil which in turn, resulting in acne, clogged pores and blackheads.

Simply wash your face in the morning, at night, after a day out, or workout with a cleanser. They are the best to clean your skin well.

It is better to cleanse your face twice or a maximum of thrice a day followed by moisturizer. So your skin does not get dry.

Over-cleansing is probably the common summer skincare mistake everyone does to get rid of sweat, dirt and oil. But, that should be avoided for balanced skin!

Too many products

beauty products

If the product that you’ve picked is not giving you the same result you wanted in just a few days doesn’t mean you change it immediately.

One should be utmost careful on what products they are buying and what variety of ingredients it contains. Understand your skin type and sensitiveness and opt for that product only.

Neither use too many products at the same time or quickly switch over any product. Avoid acid-based products as this makes the skin susceptible to premature aging by tearing the very natural layer of your skin.

Even if it is tempting, using a small amount of moisturizer is enough to take care of your skin. Find out your skin type and opt for products accordingly. Your skin will thank you later…

Waxing/shaving at the wrong time

skincare mistakes - shaving

All of your shorts, bikini and tank-tops are now out as it’s summer…but hey wait, I need to remove hair to look good.

This is particularly in every girl’s mind when we just plan out, right? However, before waxing or shaving, you should really be aware of the skin damage it can do if done at the wrong time!

Yes, shaving right before a shower or the beach out can give your skin a burning sensation and may also create tiny wounds. Which in turn, can result in irritation due to heat and also allow germs to enter and cause infections.

So do your hair removal at least 24 hours before you head to the beach or a pool. And, if you’re in a hurry, better to wax after you take shower so that the warm water can hydrate the skin.

Constantly touching your face

woman touching face

I think unintentionally we all do this summer skincare mistake. Many of us have a habit of constantly touching the face with dirty hands and even popping the pimples.

Just don’t do that. Your hands carry germs and bacteria and when you touch your face with those hands, definitely your skin will be in big trouble.

The skin is very sensitive to such outside toxins and doing this may introduce more skin problems. If you’re the one frequently touching your face, think of your skin first!

Freaky Thought’s upshot

While warm, happy summer months come with the beautiful sunshine, let me remind you, skincare becomes the utmost priority for healthy skin.

If you guys are also pulling these summer skincare mistakes, it’s never late to correct them and get shiny and healthy skin this summer!            

Have a happy skin!