10 inspirational ways to feel more positive every morning

Do you feel overwhelmed by waking up and not ready to face one more exhausting day?

There is a reason why mornings are powerful for a new start and your attitude can reveal how your day will turn out.

If you jump out of your bed late, stressed and thoughts in your head, there’s no luck in being happy, positive and get ready for realities of life.

Agree, many times we wake up thinking of past thoughts and future worries that we fail to notice all the good around us.

Though, a positive mindset right after you get up can make a huge difference. To help you feel more positive every morning, here are the 10 inspirational ways to start with:

Wake up early

Wake up early to stay positive

Becoming a morning person seems like a task and not everyone is a morning person. However, the first thing for a positive kick-start is to wake up early itself.

When you get out of the bed and realize there are so many important tasks remaining, you become stressed and cannot even think of possibilities to be done.

However, you require some extra time in the morning to relax and plan the current day ahead so you won’t have anything pending to beat yourself on the following day.

Though, sleep early and take a quality sleep of at least 8 hours to wake up early because a positive morning always starts a night before!

Take a breath and smile

Breath and smile

As you wake up, all your emotional pains and day-to-day worries strike into the mind which can affect your mood and a bad mood never gives a better today. It needs to be calm down and feel positive to win the track for a recharging day.

Take a few deep breaths within 5 minutes of waking up and try to read your mind. This way, you’ll not only encounter several health benefits but also able to keep the mind relax and clear.

Similarly, no matter how you might feel, just smile to yourself. Or, better you look into the mirror, smile and just say everything is perfect.

Waking up with a smile on a face makes you happier and changes your outlook for the whole day to positive.

Create a self-care morning routine

Self care morning routine

Your mind and body work more than a machine 24-hours and they should be treated well if you really want a great start of the day.

Whatever that offers you relaxation is worth to include in your self-care morning routine, whether it’s a – a mindful walk, a regular exercise, yoga or meditation.

Any type of physical activity improves your mood and helps you to stay focused and ease the symptoms of anxiety as well as depression.

Additionally, what we eat has the major impact on our daily energy and mood.   So be sure to eat nutritious and healthy breakfast to fuel your body rather than skipping it.

Also, drink water to stay hydrated since you’re without fluid for a long night. A glass of warm water or green tea can do better than caffeine intakes.

Understand, anything that keeps you energized, healthy and positive is a self-care.

Start with positive affirmations

positive affirmations

Affirmation is a great practice to change your negative beliefs and mindset. No matter at what aspect of your life you’re struggling, practicing positive affirmations can benefit it.

It’s okay to not be perfect, it’s okay to not know everything, it’s okay to be yourself. Simply learn to say positive to yourself, even if you’re not in a habit.

Negative beliefs take control of your mind as you choose to reaffirm it. While, positive attitude and affirmation, on the other hand, creates hope and motivation, which in turn, help you to be a strong person for life.

Start enjoying your day like it’s the last day of your life and there is so much wonderful lies in this day regardless of you see it or not.

Commit to the self-compassion and self-acceptance every day, you’ll be able to feel positive naturally.

Have gratitude

Be grateful

What are you used to see first – “half-empty” or “half-full”? It’s obvious our mind is used to see the wrong first instead of right.

Though, being grateful for all the current blessings you have is the best practice to feel positive and optimistic and not go mad on what’s missing.

Never forget to appreciate what you have, the food you ate today, the person who helped you out, the lovely weather or whichever gives you a happy and amazing time.

There’s nothing more positive than expressing your thankfulness to the people you love, either verbally or written. Even, prayers are a form to thank God for giving us so much and strength to fight.

When you spend some more time jotting down 5 things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal, your day becomes significantly brighter.

Turn off social media

Social media

Most people’s morning routine begins by checking their smartphones before they roll out of the bed. Is that the way you start your day? If so, stop that now!

By jumping into those social media posts or emails, you’re allowing negativity and anxieties to hold power over your feelings and mood, ruining the very necessary beginning of the day itself.

Moreover, this will not only fill you with unhappiness but opening your eyes to the light of the screen is also harmful.

Keep your phones away from your bed, and if possible, out of the bedroom. Look into the phones only when you’re completely ready in a positive note.  

Don’t attach to negativity

Don't attach to negativity

If you’ve ever observed your thoughts, you may be knowing many of them are useless and not even productive.

Every day there are numerous thoughts running in our mind and overthinking can put a lot of burden on your little brain.

Well, thinking on the past is totally baseless while worrying about the future won’t make it better, either.

Try to watch your thoughts objectively to get a clear picture and let them pass without attaching or reacting to it. The more likely you do so, the more you feel positive.

However, do plan and think, but know when the thought is threatening and dragging you into the darkness. In fact, don’t pay attention to it and replace it with something positive.

After all, Life is one, just live it at the moment.

Let go the things you can’t change

Let Go

Life is a roller coaster and often don’t go the way you’ve expected. In reality, it’s a platform offering you chances to be the best of yourself till now.

You’ll face some situations and people in life whom you can’t change and that’s really fine. You can’t control everything.

Every experience and situation teach you something very important. Embrace the lessons you learn, take a breath and let it go.

There’s no point in holding on grudges, it won’t be helpful in uplifting your life. You’ll get to know that whatever happened was for your betterment at right time.

I know it’s a little bit spiritual, but remember, God knows what is best for you and has a plan to take you towards it.

So no excuses and blames, just let go and live positive no matter what.

Do something inspirational and enjoyable

Do inspiring

There is a simple rule. Your thoughts create emotions and a nice morning, of course, can be the result of good vibes.

To feel positive after waking, Do the things that keep you inspiring and turn those corners of your mouth into a big smile.

Maybe it’s reading an inspiring article, book, quotes, dancing or listening to motivating podcasts or music that you enjoy.

Although, the finest thing you can do to soothe your soul is to cuddle with your loved ones or a pet.

I mean, it’s nearly impossible to be sad after reconnecting with them. And hence, you start a day on a happier, joyful note!

Doing all that motivates you and make you smile is actually preparing you to tackle a tiresome day.

Remember your goals

Remember your goals

Take a moment to pause and remember your goals. However small they may be, writing down your goals keeps you organized and increase the chance of accomplishing it.

The aim is essential for a meaningful and positive life. Defining your purpose will encourage you to awake and moving in the right direction with a clear vision.  

If you aren’t satisfied with what you do, like always, you end up living pointlessly, lazily and with an unclear mind.

Make your goals a priority. I am sure you don’t want to waste your time, energy and ability by being uncertain on the very first light.

Freaky Thought’s upshot

Morning is the time when your mind is open to new thoughts and how you utilize it is entirely up to you only.

Shake off that pessimistic energy and greet your day with these 10 inspirational ways, you’ll feel more positive than ever.

After all, what gift could be more precious than taking this time for you to be constructive?