10 top reasons why you should exercise everyday

It’s true that regular exercise helps you to shed few pounds. However, it does a lot more than losing numbers on scale.

You might have heard to stay physically active for healthy mind and body. And, that’s actually true. Being active benefits you both mentally and physically.

Benefits of daily exercise is not just limited to weight loss or building muscles alone. Also that should not be the only goal of your daily exercise routine. If you do so, you’ll end up by giving up your daily exercise plan when the results are not as quickly as you want.

Health benefits of regular exercise

There are many health benefits of regular exercise that improves your overall health and allows you to live longer. Beneficiary in many ways, a daily workout routine should be the part of your healthy lifestyle.

Here are the 10 top reasons why you should exercise every day:

1. Exercise improves your mood

exercise improves your mood

Exercise has been proven way to improves your mood and relieve depression, stress and anxiety. You may wonder how daily exercise routine will help to reduce depression symptoms.

When you do regular exercise, your body increase the production of mood elevating chemicals called “endorphins”. These chemicals are helpful in producing positive and happy feelings and reducing the effects of depression and anxiety.

Interestingly, studies has shown that people who are engaged in any physical activities are less likely to develop depression symptoms. Workout routine is considered as a favorable treatment for depression and anxiety.

In fact, it doesn’t have to do anything with the intensity of the exercise. You can try some healthy yoga poses too. No matter how intense your workout is, you’re going to benefit your mood.

2. Regular exercise will give you physical fitness

physical fitness

We tend to lose bone density by the time as we age. Exercise and physical fitness are relevant to each other. Any type of regular exercise will give you physical fitness.

Weight lifting helps you to build muscles and keep bones strong. Therefore, they don’t fracture easily and lead to any injuries or disabilities in later life. Making a habit of doing exercise when younger builds bone mineral density to prevent old-age disease like osteoporosis or arthritis.

Plus, it stimulates the blood flow in the skin to delay skin aging and so you look younger. It can also control various body pains including, low back pain, chronic neck pain and fibromyalgia.

3. Exercise benefits your memory and brain health

exercise improves memory and brain health

Along with physical fitness, everyday exercise is also good for your brain health and memory power. Exercise benefits your memory and brain health by pumping enough blood and oxygen to your brain.

When your brain gets more, it’ll serve more. As a result, it helps to grow the hippocampus, a vital part of brain for memory and learning.

Here by exercising I don’t mean to do intense workout only. Even a moderate walking can also help your brain’s neurons to stay in and enhance the growth of brain cells.

Not just memory, but it also enriches your intellectual skills of planning and reasoning. You’ll perform better with concentration and open for any information or knowledge learning.

Proper brain functioning indeed will save you from memory loss diseases like Alzheimer or dementia.

Undoubtedly, you should make an exercise plan today!

4. Daily exercise boosts your energy

daily exercise boost your energy

I know, you may ask me that how sweating in gym for an hour can increases my energy levels? After all, a workout can absorb all your stamina. Everyone can have this question once when not used to with exercise.

However, a healthy workout routine can increase the blood circulation and oxygen to fuel your body’s every part. You may feel more tired at first, but that won’t last long.

Once you get used to with your daily exercise routine, you’ll improve your strength and energy levels. You’ll be no more tired and fatigued. And as you are more energetic, your daily tasks look more productive and done on time.

5. Makes your sleep better

exercise makes your sleep better

Have you ever felt trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep? There is a way to deal with sleeping disordersExercise! Yes, exercise makes you sleep better at night.

Furthermore, the best time for your workout regimen is in the morning or afternoon, not close to your bedtime.

The great thing with exercise is, the physical exertion you do in morning will pay you off at night in form of good quality sleep. It keeps your circadian rhythm in tune and helps you sleep longer and stay asleep at night.

It is found that physical activity of few weeks helped people with sleep disorders like insomnia to improve sleep patterns. Moreover, a better sleep leads to healthy immune functioning.

Win a happy sleep with a great workout habit!

6. Exercise routine can lower the risk of chronic diseases
saves you from diseases

No physical fitness means welcoming diseases. If you’re not much physical active in your daily life, you’ll may be at the risk of several health issues. Exercise routine can lower the risk of chronic diseases.

With daily exercise plan, you can beat the type 2 diabetes, heart diseases like hypertension and many more. In fact, you gain the ability to complete the work at best capacity.

Daily physical activity helps to reduce the blood pressure, blood fat levels and other chronic diseases that leads to early death. Your immune system works perfect and saves you from outside infections when you do exercise.

Exercise maintains your overall physical and mental health and thus protecting us from many diseases that leads to death. Therefore, likely for us to live longer.    

7. Promotes weight loss
exercise promotes weight loss

While it is true that doing exercise everyday promotes weight loss, we can’t ignore other benefits of exercise. Just sitting down leisurely and not doing any activity can result into weight gain and obesity.

Even though you’re not overweight right now, a good exercise habit can put you in healthy weight category and keeps the extra weight off.

Basically, the concept is what you eat or drink, you have to use it. Thereby, you will not put on extra weights. And for weight loss, you need to sweat even more than you take.

Our body use energy in 3 forms: food digestion, body functions maintenance and physical activity.

Extreme diet can lower the metabolic rate that can delay your weight loss process. On other hand, regular exercise can increase your metabolic rate, making weight loss process faster.

What else could be great then? 🙂

8. Everyday workout can help build better relationships

Above all, the great thing is that you can make exercise more fun with your family and friends. Everyday workout can help build better relationships when someone is always there to join you.

Take a long walk with your partner after dinner in a lovely night or play tennis or basketball with your siblings or friends.

This is a best way to do physical activity while building relationships with your near ones. Everyday exercise will benefit you by strong emotional resilience, which in turn good for your relationship health.

Holding on daily workout can rise an arousal and reduce the erectile dysfunction symptoms in men. It boosts the important hormone – testosterone – present in both men and women. That improves your energy, mood and your interest in sexual desire.

Make a strong bonding with your loved ones with various workout plans!

9. You’ll look and feel better
confident woman

It’s simple as it is! When you work good, you feel good and look good. There is no way to stop aging, but it can be slow down with the magic touch of exercise.

The morning workout makes you feel young and fresh by pumping more bloods through body’s blood streams. It gradually slow down the wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

As all your skin problems has gone, you’ll get your natural healthy glowing skin. Another equally important factor is, exercise tones your body and makes it firm. With this, you’ll win the dream body project of your life!

And, of course, healthy mind and body represents you as more confident you.

10. Healthy, happy and long life
happy ever

If we put all the benefits together, a much happier version of you will come out. It’s not just weight loss or lifting up your mood, there are many benefits of regular exercise that we have just count.

Healthy and happy life indeed is a source of long life. Making an exercise plan and applying it to in our daily routine creates a golden period with lot many advantages, both personally and socially.

I personally have belief that exercise should be the part of our lives. Though not that much intense, but I am doing it daily for at least 45 minutes.

You guys can also make a time for your own betterment. Still, if you can’t stay motivated enough, read my blog showing the great reasons why you should exercise everyday.

Let me know if there is something other that keeps you going! Put on your shoes, make a workout plan, contact your fitness trainer, go to the gym or join Zumba classes – whatever you choose, just get up and ready to go!