11 Ultimate ways to lose weight without exercise or diet

No matter how hard you love to lose those extra pounds, a lack of time, interest and motivation fails you to make exercise a daily routine.

Similarly, a strict diet keeps you starving and stressed in order to count every calorie you take and may regain weight when you skip it.

Though both are the proven ways for weight loss, people always look for an option to lose weight without sweating in the gym for hours or going on a strict diet.

Well, there are certain ways to lose weight without exercise or diet and that too effectively. Yes, that’s true!

By doing a few thoughtful changes in your life and eating habits it’s possible to lose weight without exercise and diet in a healthy and natural way.

Here’s how you can attain a healthy body weight by these 11 ultimate ways without exercise or diet:

Eat breakfast daily

Healthy Breakfast

Many people with weight loss mission think skipping morning breakfast will cut out the calories and shed some extra kilos.

Actually, the fact is, not eating breakfast means preparing for an extreme hunger later on that prompts you to eat more and everything you see.

Do not completely omit breakfast. Take a healthy breakfast for a kick-start of a day that keeps you going and makes you eat fewer calories for lunch.

Try to add some protein-rich foods like eggs, yogurt, beans, or peanut butter in your breakfast. Green vegetables and fresh fruits like banana, avocado and berries are also a great start for a nutrition-packed day.

Also, make a habit to eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up as it regulates your metabolism after a long night.

But, never skip breakfast as it’s unhealthy and can gain weight!

Cut the carbs and sugary drinks

Sugary Drinks

Added sugar is the worst thing you can do to your weight loss desire. Not only it makes you obese, but also increase the risk of many diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

You won’t feel full after having liquid calories as it doesn’t satisfy the hunger like solid foods and you more likely to eat a bunch of calories.

Moreover, alcohol does the same damage as sugary drinks like soda. If you think of fruit juices, then they too have high sugar, so it’s better you eat whole fruits.

Instead of, consider drinking plain water with a little touch of mint and lemon or, herbal tea and green tea are also effective with almost no calories.

cut unhealthy carbs to lose weight without exercise
Unhealthy processed foods high in carbs

Reducing the number of carbs also helps you with natural weight loss without counting calories.

Make sure you cut the processed foods like pizza, pasta or bread and start consuming unprocessed like vegetables, eggs, avocado and fish.

When you cut out these two – sugary drinks & carbs – you eventually get to see the difference.

Start eating healthy

eat healthy to lose weight without exercise
Choose Healthy, Eat Healthy.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean to starve yourself and eat a lot many salads, it’s just about including every nutrient you required in a healthy manner.

Foods that are rich in protein and fiber are the best way to start eating healthy. It makes you feel fuller for longer and, thus reducing calorie intake for later.

Some protein-rich foods include beans & legumes, nuts, Greek yogurt, eggs and lean protein. For the high fiber content, you can eat a lot many fruits and vegetables and whole grains like oats.

If the vegetable sounds dull to you, try out a few healthy green smoothies or recipes that won’t bore you from healthy eating!

Also, be sure to have healthy snacks between meals as sometimes to stay without eating for longer can make it hard to stick with healthy eating.

Keep snacks smaller and healthy. For example, boiled eggs, unflavored nuts, high fiber fruits like apple, banana, orange and vegetables like carrots and broccoli.

After all, weight loss is not the only benefit of eating healthy!

Keep the portion smaller

Food portion small
Keep the food portions smaller.

Serving a smaller portion of food is one great way to lose weight without exercise. Even studies have supported that serving small meals gives expected satiety helpful in healthy weight management.

When you see large serving in a plate, you favor your stomach by eating all of them even though it’s more than what you actually need.

This results in slow metabolism as it’s not able to digest all of them at once. To avoid more calories, make a habit to serve yourself small portions of the meal.

For better portion control, you can use small plates. Divided meals in portion control plates let you eat fewer by default and goes easy on the metabolism process.

A person can also eat small meals at some intervals during a day. Because, meal portions 3 to 4 times a day, becomes easy to digest and don’t store extra fat.

As, of course, small changes do the big difference in anything, so does in this.

Give up your midnight cravings

avoid Midnight craving to lose weight without exercise

Are you addicted to having some midnight bites? Probably that is the reason why you don’t lose weight.

Midnight snacks are like giving more calories to your body while resting when it won’t be able to digest that unhealthy stuff.

To stay away from pre-dinner hunger, eat your dinner before 8 PM. It will be better if you drink green tea or warm water before bed to avoid those late-night cravings.

Though, you can enjoy the frozen low-fat yogurt or a cup of tea if u really need something sweet after dinner.

Say no to unhealthy midnight bites if you truly want to lose weight!

Focus on chewing

focus to chewing to lose weight without exercise

How quickly you finish your meals is also one factor to lose weight without exercise. Though it does not look like that much effective, it really works.

In the rush of doing something important, many people indulge in eating very fast and don’t even chew food properly.

Understand, our brain needs time to say “I’m full” and eating fast only raises this period of satisfaction, resulting in obesity.

Chewing each bite thoroughly makes you eat slow which, in turn, reduces your food intake and allows you to eat in a smaller portion with a feeling of fullness.

Multiple studies have reported that people, who eat fast are more likely to gain weight and even obese than those who chew for longer.

No matter how much you’re hungry or in a hurry, for steady weight loss, try to chew food bites for at least 10 seconds. Once you’ll get habituated, it’ll not look like a task.

Have a meal without electronics

eating and watching TV

How many of you eat foods while watching TV? Almost everyone.

While eating with distractions like TV, laptops or reading, we often lose our track of how much we eat and this is how we end up overeating.

Overeating leads to extra calories that can have a massive impact on your weight.

It’s always important to focus on what you eat and how much you eat to get rid of those extra pounds.

Try to eat with awareness, which is mindful eating, by keeping electronics away. Eat your food while sitting on the dining table with your family.

This will create the bonding between you and family as well as aware you of how much you eat and when your stomach is full.

Ultimately, paying attention to your food may do the trick to lose weight without hitting a gym!

Drink water to lose weight

drink water to lose weight without exercise

It’s very easy to confuse thirst with hunger, resulting in mindless eating that never satisfies while leading to an increased amount of calories.

The best tip is to drink a glass of water whenever you feel hungry. Because often we think is hunger, is actually dehydration.

Researchers also recommended drinking 8 glasses per day. However, not only how much water you drink per day when you drink is also important.

Drink water about 30-minute before big meals. This will reduce hunger and lower calorie intake during mealtime. Although, you should skip drinking water mid-meal as it can slow down the digestion process.

Or, even think of replacing your high-calorie drinks – soda or juice – with plain water for a more positive effect on weight loss.

Otherwise, drinking water does much more benefit than you think!

Quality sleep is important

get enough sleep

It’s important to give our body enough rest and people, generally miss out of good sleep at night in order to run here and there all day.

No doubt that a quality sleep brings better health and wellness waking you up feeling refreshed the next day, it has also to do with your weight loss journey.

When you don’t get good night’s sleep, it disrupts the appetite-regulating hormones.

This disturbance in hormones levels can boost your hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods, causing you to take more calories than needed.

And, of course, you know what high calories mean.

Sleeping 7-8 hours is recommended for overall goodness of your body. If you have to wake up early, go to bed early.

Opt for some healthy bed habits to sleep early like switch off all electronics and keep the lights dim. You can also read a book or listen to soft music or meditate for better sleep at night.

Say no to stress

say no to stress
Remain Stressfree with meditation

Whenever I am stressed, I always put on some weight and this happens to many people like me.

Stress is something that damages your mind more than your body and, there is nothing as powerful as your mind to change your body!

Any type of stress, mental or emotional, disrupts the hormone levels and cause you to eat more.

Several times you may have even noticed that when you feel bored, tired, sad or stressed, you eat more than usual. At that time, unfortunately, you unable to hear what’s your body really telling you.

kick off the stress by practicing meditation and mindfulness, the perfect ways to keep your mind calm and relax.

A small trip to outside nature will also help you to come out of the stressful event and nurture your mind and soul.

Remember, always say no to stress, not just for a healthy life, but for weight loss too!

Be physical active

be physical active

Yes, exercise is good to stay healthy and active, but here, you need to rethink of being physically active.

Physically active doesn’t mean just do exercises or gym workouts. It could be anything that keeps you going.

For example, a morning yoga, swimming, playing your favorite sport or dancing steps on music. Any small activity that moves your body is an exercise itself.

You may take stairs at your work building than the lift. Walking in a garden for a few steps will also do the benefit as, after all, you’re doing something active.

Believe It
believe it

Keep in mind, we need to lose weight slowly and effectively. Everything done in a fast manner, don’t last for a long period of time.

Sometimes even small lifestyle changes give a successful weight loss and have nothing to do with exercise or diet.

In this article, I have listed out the same small ways to lose weight without exercise or diet.

Note that, even all these weight loss tips may look easy to apply, it’s better you try only one for a while. If it works and you able to stick with it, go for another one!

As if applied all things at once, it will become hard to stay consistent and maintain all of them simultaneously.