12 common Hair Mistakes you should stop doing right now

Healthy hair is what makes us confident in the crowd. It feels good when someone praise you for beautiful healthy and glossy hair, isn’t it?

And, we really pay attention to our natural hair. However, we accidentally develop few hair habits that are not so good on our hair.

It’s easier to handle our natural hair on some days while others are complete struggle with hair loss. It happens with all, either in mild or severe case.

Furthermore, quite possible that hair is not the problem, in fact, some hair mistakes we’re doing, assuming to be for healthy hair, are the culprit.

Though it can be any underlying medical condition or hair disorder, when it comes to hair care, unknowingly you do the things that can damage your hair.

Wonder if you’re the one doing the things that can trigger hair problems? Look to the common hair mistakes you should stop doing right now for healthy hair:

Washing your hair everyday

Hair wash

It’s good to wash your hair regularly. However, shampooing hair everyday is a bad idea though.

Washing hair daily can strip away the natural oils and proteins of your scalp that are responsible for locking hydration and keeps hair healthy.

Shampooing daily only leave the scalp and hair follicles dry and dull, leading dry hair and more prone to breakage.

Instead, better to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. This will lock the moisturizer in hair shafts for healthy and nourished hair.

Or, if you still find it sweaty in head after workout, just rinse it with water, not shampoo, and that too alternate day!

You do shampoo without conditioner in wrong manner


While shampoo removed dirt and oil from the hair, conditioner moisturize hair and help with detangling.

Simply washing your hair with shampoo and not doing conditioning is one of the common hair mistakes. This will only make your hair dry.

Conditioner is must after shampoo for the healthy growth of the old and long hair.

Additionally, it’s also very important where you apply conditioner. Do you apply it from root to end? Well, that’s the wrong method I should say.

Conditioners are meant to be moisturized older and long hair, not the scalp. Your scalp is already moisturized with new hair. It doesn’t need extra.

If you do so, you’ll lose more hair and goodness of hair follicles. Instead, the right way to apply conditioner is from mid-length to tip of the hair.

Also, choose the herbal mild shampoo with as much as less chemicals. Harsh chemicals in shampoo can damage your hair by thinning it and making it greasy.

Roughly towel drying wet hair

towel dry wet hair

Be gentle with your hair. Don’t be harsh, please! Roughly towel drying wet hair only makes them frizzy and dead.

Rubbing your hair with towel can cause too much friction and lead to breakage. In worst cases, it may also create tangles in hair.

Let your hair dry in natural breeze. Otherwise, use a cotton cloth or Aquis hair towel to pamper you hair while drying them.

Brushing wet hair

brushing wet hair

This is what I was doing with my hair. And the result is, more hair loss. In fact, it is really a common sense that a hairbrush and wet hair shouldn’t go with each other.

Wet hair is more elastic and weak than dry hair. By combing wet hair you’ll end up losing more hair than you struggled for.

Though you can use detangle brushes for wet hair, I recommend only fingers to detangle wet hair, even dry hair.

I am detangling my hair with my fingers and once they become dry in natural air, I simply use wide-tooth comb.

Washing hair with hot water

hot shower

The only thing we feel good in winter is hot showers, I know. But, your hair will suffer if the water is too much hot.

How? Let me explain.

The heat of hot water leads to rough structure and even you may lose the natural texture of your hair. Too much hot water can damage the hair roots and disturbs the pH levels of your scalp.

Besides this, lukewarm water instead opens up the clogged pores and remove any dirt and excess oil from the scalp.

Though, too much hot water is indeed does the damage.

Styling products you always choose

styling hair

Do you always step out with your hair straight? Then probably you are not loving your hair at that degree.

If you ask me, the heat of hot water and styling products are equally damaging if used more than often.

Never forget to use heat protector before you blow dry or straighten your hair. Using styling tools once in a while is OK, but your hair hates the regular usage of them.

In fact, I would suggest just go with your natural looking hair, it’s nothing wrong with it.

Combing hair often, almost every 2 hours!

combing hair

This is one of the reason why your hair falls out too much. I have seen many girls combing hair very often, in fact, almost every 2 hours! Doesn’t that too many times a day?

Exactly. Have you ever wonder why your brush has many hairs in it always? Because you’re brushing your hair in a wrong way.

Brushing your hair every hour will only make the hair roots weak and result to a great hair fall. Make a habit to brush it only 2-3 times a day, not more than that.

Furthermore, start combing hair from mid-way, and not from the root. Remove tiny knots slowly from mid to end, then start from top.

The reason is, when you start from the root, it makes tiny knots at the end worse and you’ll lose whole bunch of hair knot.

Keep tight hairstyles for long time

tight hairstyle

When ponytails and braids are on trend now with quick and easy fixing methods, how someone would not go for it?

It makes sense that you feel comfortable in that, especially in hot summer days, your hair still need breathing.

Wearing your hair too tightly can make the hair foundation very weak. Constant tweaking and hair band constraint can pull the scalp, making it weak and damaged.

Try out some lose hairstyles. Also, keep your hair free when at home. Remember, your hair need some time to relax for healthy growth.

You skip hair oil massage and healthy diet

hair oil massage

We always feed our stomach when it’s hungry, so with our hair too. Oil massage is like feeding our hair roots for shiny, smooth and healthy hair.

People often does this type of hair mistakes by not giving enough oil massage to their scalp for healthy hair growth.

If you’re shaking your head to avoid hair oil massage, I fear if you really get a long healthy hair.

Let some warm oil seep into your scalp for the better hair growth. A gentle warm oil massage every week keeps your hair smooth and nourished.

You don’t have to keep it overnight; 2-3 hours are enough for oiling of your hair!

Another important factor is healthy diet. Eating healthy can nourish your body from inside because oils can only do the effect from outside.

So, make sure you attain both!

Avoid Hair spa is what you think

hair spa

I was always thinking why even I have to go to parlor and that too for hair? later on, I realized why.

We usually avoid pampering our hair while focusing on face and body. Your hair struggles a lot through daily sun rays, sweat and pollution.

You’re the only one damaging your hair by not showing some extra care for it. Get your hair spa done in salon every month for healthy and glossy hair.

After all, allowing you hair to be nourished and moisturized with hair spa isn’t a bad idea though.

You don’t go for haircut


Yeah, I understand about your love for long hair. In fact, that’s really fine. I also want long healthy hair. But, do you know your hair starts getting split ends after certain length?

That’s true. Similarly, picking out split ends does the more damage than good. It makes your hair more open to new split ends.

Go for haircut to avoid split ends and damaged tips. Initially, this may not look like a great idea, but once you trim your hair once in every 6 months, you’ll notice the change.

The hair will become healthier than you have it earlier. And, yes, I am not saying for short haircut, but even the basic at the tips will do the magic.

Not protecting your hair when out in sun rays

summer hair protection

We mostly focus on skin care in summer and forget that our hair are equally important to be protected from harsh UV rays of sun.

Summer means heat waves of sun rays and, we now know how much heat is horrible for healthy hair.

So, next time whenever you plan a day in the scorching sun, keep in mind to apply sunscreen to your scalp and hair or cover your hair with a hat.

As these hair mistakes may not seems harmful right now, you’ll punish yourself later for applying all of them to your hair.

Beautiful, healthy and strong hair is everyone’s dream. But for that, you have to stop few hair habits that damage the natural texture of your hair.

Take care of your natural beautiful hair ladies and gentlemen, you would not like to regret later for your own hair mistakes.

photo credit: freepik