5 reasons why travel insurance is necessary

Many of us ask question “why should I get travel insurance?” considering it as an unnecessary expense in their travel. Often travel insurance is not a part of holiday trip to many travelers.

Travel insurance will come in actual use only in case of unforeseen events. As a result, it was underestimated by many travellers for long time. When you are on holiday, you don’t want some unwanted circumstances to ruin your holiday, right?

Absolutely with no idea what circumstances make you halt a trip, to be safe in your trip is always better when things go wrong. Help and other sudden expenses are difficult to get when you are travelling away from home.

While our trips lead us to many new experiences, excitements and colourful life of different parts of world, it also brings some unexpected and sudden risk factors.

Travel Insurance is special insurance designed for giving protection against travel related unexpected risks. Check my budget friendly travel destination if budget is what you are concern for.

The following benefits of travel insurance will make you believe why travel insurance is necessary:

1. Reimbursement of expenses in case of emergency

We often select a tour package before going to the trip. Many do prepaid expenses on hotels and flights on booking websites.

Let’s say you have booked your flight tickets, for return also, and tour packages. Now emergency situation such as any medical emergency in family or the destination where travelling, having political issues or strike, will make you stay home or urge to return early.

In such cases, you will lose all expenses that are already paid. Travel insurance with trip cancellation will be beneficiary in these type of situations.

You can get refund for any prepaid or non-refundable trip expenses cancelled under valid reasons. Valid reasons such as medical emergencies, death, natural disaster or any other circumstances related to destination place that make it unsuitable to go there.

2. Missed Flight or Flight cancellation

Suppose you have booked a flight and on the way of airport and due to traffic or car trouble, you missed flight. Or let say flight was cancelled due to weather or any technical issues, then?

With travel insurance trip interruption coverage, you’ll be able to get money back.

3. Travel insurance helps in medical emergencies

While enjoying travel, if any medical emergencies happens, then you need to spend few more money to deal with it. While having trip away from home, sometimes it’s even difficult to get proper treatment or medications.

On your holiday you get sick or have some serious injury and you requires immediate medical treatment, then you have to pay the cost.

When you travel with travel insurance including emergency medical benefits, it can pay you for medical bills. It can help you to get necessary medical transportation for appropriate medical facility and also bear the cost to get you home in case of serious injury.

4. Travel insurance can reimburse for Lost or stolen luggage

Of course you plan a vacation to create good and happy memories. No one wants bad experiences on their holiday. You want to enjoy each and every sight of place.

After half hour of waiting at airport for luggage, you enquire at airport and found your luggage is misplaced. And you need to change clothes and need your daily toiletries.

Now you need to spend some extra dollars to purchase necessary clothes and toiletries. Who’s going to save you from this extra cost?

In situations like this, if luggage is misplaced or lost for 24 hours or more, baggage delay benefits can pay you for purchasing reasonable required items during trip.

5. Travel insurance for lost passport or wallet

There is a possibility that you lose passport or wallet while enjoying at beaches or doing sightseeing.

This can be a shocking surprise to anyone when finds that passport is lost or stolen, plus, credit cards and necessary documents, they lost too!

In such cases you need to replace passport and some extra money for expenses. Travel insurance will tack care of all this stuffs.

Why travel insurance is necessary

Many times people experiences emergencies in remote areas and asks local embassy for help.  Though embassy can help you with lost passport or baggage, find medical facility and make a contact with your belongings in that area, you have to take care of all your expenses.

Embassy cannot pay for your medical bills, passport replacement, misplaced luggage or any emergency medical transportations.

That’s why travel insurance is must. People don’t want to spend extra on travel insurance after paying huge for their vacations. However, it’s easy to find affordable travel insurances.

Travel insurance that includes coverage for unexpected costs such as trip cancellation and lost or stolen baggage, emergency medical benefits with medical transportation benefits will be beneficiary for your travel.

Choose insurance plan wisely and make your trip safe and memorable.