8 simple yet healthier habits to alleviate back pain

While back pain can be the result of any surgery or injury, many times a small bend is enough to leave you in woeful back pain.

Also, our lifestyle has the biggest influence on our backs. Often we tend to do daily activities in such ways that lead us to an aching back. Be it’s sitting at a computer for hours, bending over house chores, lifting heavy or sleeping wrong.

Fortunately, sometimes back pain is not that much severe and goes away on its own. But, if you’re feeling chronic pain regularly, time to take action to ease back pain.

Although it’s not easy to figure out the actual cause of back pain, you can still prevent it by changing some regular habits.

In fact, to alleviates back pain, how about these 8 simple yet healthier habits to keep your back healthy and pain-free? Take a look:

Maintain healthy-back postures

Maintain good postures

The first-ever rule to alleviate back pain is to maintain good postures. Doing everything from work, home chores, traveling to even relaxing, we often fall into bad postures without realizing it’s hurting our back.

Avoid sitting for a prolonged period of time. Stand straight so that your spine remains in proper alignment. Hold your mobile, computer and other devices at eye level. Bent from your knees than the waist.

All of which are a few examples of good postures to feel less pain and stress in your back and neck muscles. If you’re working, then sit in a comfortable chair to keep your back straight and take a stretching-break in between.

Furthermore, those who drive often should take care of the proper adjustment of their seats near the steering wheel.

Poor postures put 50% more pressure while a good posture ensures minimal load on your body muscles to function. With practice, this will help you to get appropriate postures for a healthy back.

Attain Healthy Weight

healthy weight

How many times you’ve struggled to lose weight just because your doctor pointed out your chubbiness is the reason for your back pain?

Weight loss is not just to look fab, it’s also one of the important choices to avoid back pain. Those extra pounds are putting added strain on your spine.

Plus, being obese also contributes to several other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and many more.

Though, the healthier you are, the less you face physical and mental stress. By attaining a healthy weight, you cannot only lower the risk of these diseases but also ease the burden on your back so it doesn’t tire out at an early stage.

Eat healthy foods full of vitamins and necessary nutrients and drink more water or antioxidant drinks like green tea.

Calculate if you’re at enough healthy weight by body mass index (BMI).

Become Fit!

Become fit to alleviate back pain

A fit body is a way to alleviate back pain and many ailments and what you need to do to become fit? Get moving.

The Health benefits of doing exercise every day are well-known to everybody. Usually, back pain happens due to degeneration of the spine and regular exercise supports your core as well as back muscles by strengthening them.

Understand, our muscles need movement otherwise they become stiff. And, daily exercise and stretching give the fluid and flexibility they need.

Any type of physical activity, walking, stretching, yoga or core exercises often relieves muscle pressure and tightness. Which in turn, reduces the risk of any back injury or spine issues.

However, avoid doing intense workouts if you have severe back pain. Instead, consult a physiotherapist to understand stretching and other mild workouts related to your condition.

Try to engage in back and abdominal strengthening workouts for at least 30 minutes a day to develop a stronger, more flexible back.

Sleep Well

Sleep well to alleviate back pain

Perhaps you aren’t thinking of hurting your back while sleeping. But if you’re sleeping wrong, that exactly what you’re doing.

For a refreshing start of the day, a quality sleep is vital and how and where you take rest makes all the difference.

Hence, opt for such a position to sleep that there’s very little pressure on your head, neck and back. The best position is to lay on your side with a pillow between your knees for proper spine alignment.

Though, while sleeping on the stomach, better to keep pillows under lower abdominal and rolled towel under the neck.

Furthermore, a good mattress and pillow do equal impact on your back. A very soft or hard mattress can push your back out of alignment.

When your body gets enough, restful sleep, your muscles will be relaxed and sleep will be more refreshing!

Get a pair of nice Shoes

Get pair of nice shoes

I know, you’re a fashion diva and high heels look stunning, but they can ring the bell for an achy back!

Usually, high heels force our upper body to lean forward to keep balance and therefore results in an inward bend of the spine.

Someone who wears them all day is throwing her body out of its natural position, making back condition even worse.

So, to alleviate back pain, you really need a pair of nice shoes. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes that distribute your body weight evenly and reduce the pressure on the spine and foot muscles.

Although it’s better to not if you really wish for those high heels, make sure you wear them occasionally that too not for long.

Ease the lifting loads

Ease lifting loads

One of the very common reasons for back pain is the weight you lift. Many times, in lifting loads you forget that you’re about to give a backache to yourself.

However, it isn’t the case only with heavy boxes only. Carrying Hefty laptop bags, groceries or a bulkier purse can be equally culprit for your sore back.

In fact, what you require is a bag that fairly divides the weight and not focuses on one part of the body.

Preferably, ease the lifting loads by carrying less. Try to keep the weight close to your body while lifting and bend from the knees instead of waist.

Moreover, consider the wide adjustable straps backpacker’s bag or continue shifting the weight from shoulder to shoulder. For extremely heavy loads, use a rolling bag or cart.

At times, organize your bag so that you’re carrying essentials only and not unwanted things.

Relax Yourself

relax yourself to alleviate back pain

It may wonder you how stress or depression can impact your back health. Any type of stress tends to tense your muscles and you feel pain in every part of your body, including back.

Stress is not just responsible for a mental disturbance, but for physical sickness too. Therefore, any activity that helps you to relax plays an essential role to alleviate back pain.

They can be anything. From yoga, meditation, mindfulness, music to even deep breathing or simply going out in nature. If it’s your business or any other kind of matter frightening you, simply take a day off and calm down. 

Additionally, quit habits that might not be good for your health, for example, smoking. The nicotine in it reduces blood flow and hence make your spine weaker.

Ultimately, finding a way to cope up with the stress and become relax is good for your back!

See a Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care

Yes, most of the times you can get rid of that struggling back pain with simple yet healthier lifestyle changes. However, if you experience severe and consistent pain, don’t ignore.

Though, it’s not normal even. There are plenty of adults out there who resist visiting physicians until the problem becomes so intense they can’t deal with it alone anymore.

Start seeing chiropractic care even though you’ve not back pain. Chiropractors are the trained and experienced doctors giving you healthy-back lifestyle habits and non-surgical therapies to alleviate back pain.

With an appropriate treatment plan pointing each and every area of your life, they ensure you the overall health and wellness.

Consulting an expert is always recommended before the situation exacerbates…

Freaky Thought’s Upshot  

Remember, back pain doesn’t appear overnight. It’s an outcome of unusual daily life actions, including the normal wear and tear that comes with aging.

While back pain is the most underrated discomfort in the world, it’s an important support in our body and a bit of prevention is definitely worthy than cure.

Although you cannot 100% reverse the matter, you can still practice a few healthy habits each day to make the vital spine muscles stronger. It could be a small adjustment in your attitude, sleeping habits or work style.

Follow these simple tips to alleviate back pain and see how it’s more strong, flexible to return the favor!