9 Winter Travel Essentials: Stay warm with Freaky Thoughts

Packing can be an art to some people when it’s about getting organized things packed in a small suitcase. When there are many travel deals and offers in winter times, our baggage fees increased. As winter is going, travelling at this time is like carrying out many things than we requires in other seasons.

Many thinks that winter travel is such a hassle when it’s all about cold weather. While packing is easier for beach holidays, it’s difficult to pack heavy and bulky clothes in winter.

Of course, neither you want to get freeze nor you want to look ugly in your most awaited trip. Imagine you are on your honeymoon and instead of enjoying your love time, you are engaged in getting items packed easily or carrying multiple bags at airport.

Or else you are in snowy country and you cannot even enjoy snow frolicking that you love.

Not good, right? Most travellers avoid to travel with heavy oversized luggage. Let’s make it easier to carry all your required stuff at the time of travel with winter travel essentials.

Here are some simple and useful packing tips for winter travel:

1. Start with Basics

Your basic required packing checklist will not change much, no matter where and when you travel. Start with the basic items you need on daily basis:

  • Like your innerwear
  • Toiletry items
  • Your moisturizer and bath accessories, Check for winter care tips while travel.
  • Belt, sunglasses, charger, ear plugs and first aid kit
  • Necessary documents with passport

Make sure you start packing all basic things first. Make a list and start packing in hard shell expandable suitcase.

2. Take a look at Luggage cubes

Invest little bit on luggage cubes or packing cubes. How you pack your winter items is as important as what you pack. Compression packing cubes keeps your winter things organized by removing extra air.

Winter clothes are bulkier and filled with air and luggage cubes helps with this. These cubes can save a lot of space while packing. Just put your clothes in these cubes, zip it up and things will be more compact.

Luggage cubes comes in different sizes, so heavier and bulkiest clothes will fit into it.

3. Packing Layers to avoid excessive luggage

Make sure you check the weather of destination where you are going to travel. If the place where you expect snow or temperature below freezing, Make sure you are packing items that can be layered easily.

Pack layers that easier to wash and lighter on luggage. This essential strategy lets you avoid packing of your heavy and space-occupying winter jacket. Same trick will work with your other winter accessories like gloves, sweaters, scarves, socks and any other you want to bring with.

Base Layers
  • Create a base layer with icebreaker leggings, travel/trekking trousers, you feel comfortable in.
  • Choose thermal underwear to wear fewer layers to fight cold.
  • Cozy shirts, classy to fit every activity or long sleeve t-shirt or shirts.
  • Cover your feet with a pair of socks.
Mid Layers
  • Choose breathable light jacket or sweaters as mid layer.
  • Sweatpants or dark jeans will be a great option in chilly winter morning.
  • For more warmness, slip your feet in double pair of socks.
Outer Layer
  • In case of snowy or freezing place, especially in mountains,   make sure to carry heavy winter coat or parka to keep yourself extra warm.
  • In case of snowfall or rain, bring a waterproof and snow-proof jacket.
  • Use winter boots, and waterproof too.

Make sure to pack very little clothes such that you can mix and match on alternate days. Also those clothes you can wash again and again. The clothes you choose as layers should be comfortable for you.

Itching can be irritating when you are out to enjoy. Wisely select materials of clothes.

4. Less is easier and useful

Remember, less is always easier and useful to avoid hassle of excessive luggage. Ensure that every piece you pack goes with other clothes. This will make you pack less. And that less will be easy for you to carry wherever you go.

Trust me, it’s my secret!

5. Use Thermals as body warmer

Always go for Thermals as body warmer. Thermals such as long or thermal underwear or long johns. Avoid cotton as it can make you uncomfortable. Go for thermals made of polyester or wool.

Most important thing while selecting thermal is those should be breathable and able to wick moisture away from skin.

Buy a combo of top and bottom of thermal baselayer. You can find them separate too, bases on sizes. Many online sites has good collection of thermal body warmers. Have a look on them!

6. Invest in Outer Coats / Parka

Sometimes you requires extra warmness in freezing places such as Finland or Russia. Standing near a cold lake or hiking at highest mountain will be difficult if body isn’t warm enough.

These winter coats and parkas keep us warm and save us from freezing.

7. Don’t forget accessories that keeps you warm

The other accessories that keeps you warm includes:

  • Lightweight Warm Socks. Choosing warm socks helps feet to stay warm. Well-fitting socks are very important as if they becomes soggy, it will lead to cold blisters.
  • A warm Windproof Hat. Definitely your ears and head need to be protected from wind and cold. Water proof will be an advantage, but not necessary. I personally choose The Beanie or COSSAK type hat.
  • Warm Hand gloves. Your hands are equally need to keep warm as you mostly use them. Liner fabric gloves said to be the warmest gloves. There are Nylon SmarTouch Winter Texting Gloves available for using smartphones.
  • Scarf is a great option to keep your neck warm and also it can be the fashion wear. Get a multipurpose scarf that can be stylish and also act as a layer to protect from cold.
  • If you know that your face or neck will become cold and need extra warmth than pick up Balaclava or neck warmer. In case of skiing or hiking you may need them.
  • Waterproof snow boots. They are the most important thing you should carry in winter. Choose a pair of that is comfortable, stylish and waterproof.
  • Swimwear. You may wonder about this item I know. But if your planning is get sauna bath or to swim in resort’s swimming pool, then you need it.

8. Wear the heavy on plane

No matter what folding trick you are applying, winter coat or boots are going to take extra space in suitcase. Wear heavy and bulkier items while travel or on plane.

Like winter coat or parka, pair of boots or even scarf can be stylish and easy to wear for airport look. This will save extra space in luggage.

9. Use Folding Methods

Folding clothes is a great idea for organized space-free travel packing. Fold and roll lighter clothes like shirts, t-shirts or even jeans and trousers.

You can even make a combo to get things easier. Like wrapping your undergarments in to folded pair of shirt and jeans. Even your scarfs, hankies and socks can be covered in a pair.

Check few videos on YouTube to get more idea.

Make travel hassle free this year with these 9 winter travel essentials. Hope this blog helps you to travel smart without wasting money and time so that you can create best memories out of it.

Let us know if you have any more good tips for winter packing. Make a comment if you enjoyed this post!