Amazing Winter Beauty Hacks – skin care hacks,hair hacks,winter care for face

There is no doubt that winter has its own charm, but it really affects my beauty. My hair, lips and body skin becomes dry in winter. And I guess it’s also affecting your daily beauty routines too, right?

Though the cold weather of winter is indeed a lovely climate that everyone enjoys, but due to coldness our skin and hair suffers a lot. You feel dryness and flakiness to your skin. Dandruff and dry hair is a common problem in a low temperature that results into hair fall problem.

It is essential to take care of your outer body layer in a cold weather. With applied amazing winter beauty hacks, here I got some winter beauty tips for you to that will keep your skin healthy, happy and beautiful. Let’s see some useful skin care hacks and hair hacks:

Try Oatmeal Bath

You may wonder how oatmeal can be helpful as winter beauty hacks. You will be glad to hear that oatmeal is not just a healthy food to help weight loss, but also it recovers skin’s dryness and redness. Oatmeal contains essential fats to lubricate and moisturize dead and dry skin. Complex sugars available in oats are able to heal dryness and itchiness.

Try oatmeal bath at home. Fill your bathtub with warm water, add a cup of plain oatmeal into it. You can also use a pinch of salt or essential oil to your bath for luxurious home spa!

Avoid long time hot showers

Nothing makes you feel better than a hot shower in winter. But you might be not knowing that taking hot showers for too long leaves your skin dry and flaky. Hot bath with soap strip all natural protective oils from skin. That further leaves your skin more dry and rough.

Try to avoid long time hot showers. Instead of that, take small quick showers in warm water when you like.

Apply moisturizer at right time

You may be surprised that why moisturizer is needed when you have to wash it off.Well let me tell you, when your skin is in contact of warm water, your skin becomes drier by evaporating essential oils that protects your skin. It is necessary to apply moisturizer at right time.

Apply some body oil or moisturizer before your bath. That will prevent your skin from evaporating moisture from your skin and opens up skin pores. Also, apply moisturizer or your favorite baby oil immediately after shower.

Gently pat yourself after shower, avoid harsh rubbing. Now apply the moisturizer to your skin. The best time to lock skin into moisturizer and hydration is just after shower when your skin is moist. Don’t miss the chance to make your skin happy!

Soothing Dried and Cracked Lips

I always suffer in winter with dry and crack lips. You might be also feeling sad seeing your wind-burned and chapped lips. Who don’t like smooth and attractive lips? But winter always ruined beauty of our lips, isn’t it? I have a solution for this that I have experienced on me and it was just perfect.

One option is, apply cold tea bags on your lips. Tea bags? Yes, tea bags. Tannins in the tea will sooth dry and cracked lips instantly. Gently pat a tea bag to your lips.

You can exfoliate flaky lips by applying honey and brown sugar. Mix a pinch of sugar with dollop of honey and apply it gently on your lips with cotton swab.Sugar remove dead skin of your lips and honey moisturize your lips.

You can also apply lip balms or Vaseline to your lips.

Oil conditioning to dry hair

Every woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. But winter affects your hair by making them dry, Dandruff in scalps and Split ends. Due to dryness and split ends, hair fall increases.

For scalps, take a teaspoon of sugar, mix it with your daily shampoo and gently apply it to your scalps. Massage with your fingertips gently for a while. It will remove dead skin from your scalp and allow your conditioner to nourish your roots more effectively. You can also use tea tree oil by adding it into shampoo or directly to your scalp.

Split ends are indeed terrible for everyone including me. Winter winds makes them drier.Apply coconut oil to your split ends to make them healthier. Coconut oil is rich in proteins and fatty acids that keeps your hair hydrate.

Try vitamin E to prompt hair growth and sooth hair ends. You can also use vitamin E capsule.

Cracked heels

Feet becomes dry in winter and cold weather make it worse with cracked heels. Use Vaseline, lotion or moisturizes before bed. Massage softly to be absorbed by skin.Now, wear thin pair of cotton socks to keep them soft overnight.

Socks keeps your feet crack-free and dry-free. Next morning your skin will be soft just like a baby.

Rough hands and cuticles

Trust me, you use your hands everywhere, in kitchen, bathroom, at work. It’s equally important to keep our hands gentle soft and nourished. Cold winds always leaves rough hands and cuticles.  Easy way to do this is put some hand cream or Vaseline on your hands and cover them with pair of cotton socks overnight. Apply hand cream after washing your hand to keep them moisturized.

Do not wash off your hands with warm water and additionally with harsh soap. Don’t be harsh at your hands! Switch to gentle sanitizer and after washing apply lotion. Wear gloves when outside.

Help split and cracked with some gentle massage of lip balm or almond oil. Almond oil heal splits and preserves skin’s natural moisture.

Face nourishment

Ahh!We always makes an effort to keep our face beautiful, healthy and young. I know, whether we take care or not of any of our body part, we definitely try for young and beautiful face.

Let me tell you some secret tips of Zalak Thakkar!

As your skin is already parched in winter, do not make it drier with water. Use some lotion or soap-free facial cleanser. Prepare face mask with 6 tablespoons of raw milk and 2 tablespoons natural honey. Apply it to you face and massage softly for 5-10 minutes. Keep it on your face for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Honey glows your skin and raw milk nourishes your face. Milk prevents your face from becoming dry in winter.

You can also go for overnight nourishing face mask. Try some night face cream or lotion to keep your face nourished and moisturized overnight.

Coconut oil face mask is also an effective way to soften you face skin. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients with good amount of vitamin E. Antioxidants and healthy acids in coconut oil helps to soft and lubricate parched skin cells. It also remove dead skin cells and sometimes useful as acne preventer.

To prepare mast, take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 tablespoon of honey and half tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix them in a bowl and apply thick layer on your face. After keeping it 15-20 minutes, wash off with cold water.

Make sure, this winter you keep your beauty moisturized, nourished and healthy. Hope this “winter beauty tips” helps you to take care of your “winter beauty”.