10 surprising benefits of drinking hot water

It all depends on how we start our mornings. The better you start, the great will be the rest of the day. I think we all are now aware of the health benefits of drinking water.

But, do we know the health benefits of drinking hot water?

A regular routine of drinking warm water in the morning or right before bedtime works as a holistic health remedy for many health issues.

While cold water is heavy on our digestive system, drinking a glass of warm water improves immune system, kick-out the metabolic waste and many more health benefits of this.

You can also add honey or some touch of Vitamin C by squeezing few drops of lemon into hot water. This hot lemon water or warm honey water, furthermore leads your way to better health.

Let’s look to ‘Freaky Thoughts’ experienced 10 surprising benefits of drinking hot water you might don’t know:

Warm water promotes weight loss

drinking warm water promotes weight loss
warm water promotes weight loss

Hot water is a great start for healthy metabolism. Drinking warm water in the morning works like a charm for those who want to shed extra kilos.

Warm water promotes weight loss process by letting down internal body temperature in order to adjust with hot water temperature.

Thus, it increases metabolic rate and burns more calories, which in turn accelerate the weight loss process.

Moreover, it clears out the waste of your intestines and prevents bloating due to extra “water weight”.

Not only this, but an early morning with a glass of hot water and lemon on empty stomach dissolves the fat faster. Also, this hot lemon water suppresses hunger and stop you from craving food.

Hot water helps in digestion

hot water improved digestion
Hot water helps in digestion

Those who are experiencing problem in digesting their food, should indeed drink a glass of warm water in the morning, and that too on empty stomach.

Cold water, particularly slower down the digesting process by making food harder. Warm water acts as a wonderful lubricant to soothe and stimulate the digestive tract.

It’s a great tonic to keep intestines organs hydrated and, so it digests the food we eat easily. In this way, hot water helps in digestion process.

Therefore, replacing a cold water with a glass of hot water before or after meal will help your body with better metabolism.

Drinking warm water relieves constipation

drinking warm water relieve constipation
Drinking warm water is to relieve constipation

One of the benefits of drinking hot water is to relieve constipation. Constipation is very uncomfortable condition irritating many people.

When we don’t drink enough water, our body becomes dehydrated. And, that dehydration further leads to little to no bowel movement. This results into constipation.

Starting a morning with warm water breaks down the food easily so that they can pass easily through intestine. When this happens, all old waste that trapped into the intestines can pass out of the body easily.

Understand how much water to drink per day.  

Cleanse body of toxins

hot water cleanse body of toxins

It’s necessary to remove all toxic elements out of our body regularly. When we drink hot water or take hot bath, our internal body temperature raises and you start sweating. 

Even though sweating might be little bit uncomfortable, you want it to cleanse body of toxins and harmful elements.

A warm water and lemon makes perfect combination though.

Drinking hot water good for your skin and hair

drinking hot water good for healthy skin
Hot water improves you skin

That’s the reason why you should drink hot water. Who doesn’t want a good glowing skin and healthy hair?

We have seen that warm water cleanses body of toxins. These toxins are culprit in premature aging and several skin problems.

With the sweat out by hot water, it clears the skin pores and tighten the skin. Subsequently, it diminishes acne, pimples and other skin issues, making your skin smoother and healthier.

Hair loss is a major problem for many. How intake of warm water helps hair is, by moisturizing and hydrating scalps.

As it stimulates the nerves at hair roots, no dead skin affects your hair follicles. And, your hair will grow more, get shiny and dandruff-free.

Improves blood circulation
blood circulation
improves blood circulation

Consumption of hot water improves blood circulation throughout the body. It does the same effect as warm bath.

That means, it open ups your circulatory organs – arteries and veins – enabling them to carry blood more effectively to all organs of the body.

As the blood is purified without toxins, the stimulated blood flow helps to distribute essential nutrients and oxygen to all our body functions smoothly.

A better and healthy blood flow leads to healthy blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Aids healthy nervous system
body aches
Healthy nervous system leads lower body aches

Nervous system is a vital part of our body that signals us what to do in different surroundings. It’s equally important to calm nervous system. And, drinking warm water works like a tonic to aid healthy nervous system.

When hot water enters through the body, it breakdowns the fat deposits accumulated around the nervous system.

This process calms down the nervous system and makes it healthy and focused on reactions to its surroundings.

While a nervous system is calm and hydrated, you feel less aches and body pain, as well as mental disturbance during a day.

Reduces stress and gives better sleep
Stress relief

Because it helps our nerves functions to work properly, a cup of hot water even reduce stress and gives better sleep at night.

Studies have found that a habit of drinking warm water reduces stress and anxiety in many people who admit it. It keeps you less worried and more refreshed all day.

good sleep
promotes better sleep

Plus, the bonus benefit of drinking hot water is, if taken before bedtime, can relax you and gives you better sleep. It’s an indirect magic way to deal with sleeping disorders and stop midnight snacking!

Soothe nasal congestion
nasal congestion
nasal congestion

The excellent natural home remedy for cold, cough and a sore throat is – drink hot water. Deep inhaling the hot vapor from the glass of warm water soothes nasal congestion.

It opens up nasal sinuses and can even give you relief from sinus headache. Not only this, but it also helps you with sore throat.

sore throat
Sore throat

Drinking warm water clears out the mucus build in respiratory tracts and soothe the sore throat. Moreover, gurgling warm water with a pinch of salt relieves the irritation and pain in the throat.

Eases menstrual pain
Menstrual pain

Now this is something every girl face while going through their menstrual cycle. Many experience terrible menstrual pain within 2 days of their cycle start, some even for more days.

You may get surprised on how hot water drink can help to ease the period pain. Basically, in periods muscle tissues get stressed. This cause the actual period pain.

And, a warmness of warm water relaxes the abdominal muscles and alleviates menstrual cramps, thus eases menstrual pain.

Risks of hot water

Though there are numerous benefits of drinking hot water, you should also understand the risks of hot water if consumed more than needed:

  • it should not be too much hot. It may burn your taste buds, tongue and inner mouth.
  • Excess warm water intake can increase the work of kidneys to flush out toxins. this overload can damage the kidneys.
  • Too much warm water can weaken the electrolytes in the blood. Which in turn, cause brain cells to become larger in size. As a result, you may often experience severe headaches.
  • Avoid more intake of hot water than 1 or 2 glasses a day, if you are working in hot climate or exercising very hard.
  • Excess of it make you sweat excessively, which gives you uneasiness or dizziness.
  • As it behaves like diuretic, you may urinate frequently which may cause you discomfort.

Freaky Thought’s upshot

As long as the hot water consumption is in limit and not too much hot, risks are minimal. So, the people can be sure of they are definitely going to be benefitted by drinking it regularly.

It doesn’t demand much effort to get into the habit of drinking hot water like of eating healthy or making exercise a routine.

The best time are in the morning on empty stomach or before bedtime for a good night sleep.

Include one or two glass of warm water in your routine to stay energized and refreshed whole day. You’ll find yourself better at approaching a good, happy and healthy day.