Bali tourist attractions: Best places to visit in Bali

Though in budget, there are so many best places to visit in Bali that confuses many tourists on which to choose.

With so many picturesque edge beaches, ancient culture and captivating mountains, Bali Indonesia is worth to say dream place of every traveler.

Bali is perfect to lay down on the beaches, visit old Hindu temples or enjoy numerous water and historic activities. You can even see the touch of Hinduism in the lives of their local people.

Rewarded with ‘The Island of the Gods’, this gorgeous island is home to many incredible art displays, holy performances and amazing waterfalls.

Trekking-lovers can find their space in lush mountains landscapes. If you are here for refreshing water activities, then why not to go for scuba diving or parasailing?

Whatever brings you here, you’re going to avail every enjoyable aspect of your trip in Bali. Nowadays, Bali is becoming most favorite travel destination among leisure and honeymoon travelers.

Your mind may raise a question – what are the best places to visit in Bali then?

There are so many best things to do in Bali than you think. For your ease to choose Bali tourist attractions, Freaky Thoughts has figure out some best places to visit in Bali:

Pura Tanah Lot Temple

Pura Tanah Lot bali
Pura Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot or Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most popular attraction of Bali among the 7 sea temples, each you can see nearby.

This 16th century old temple represents unique fusion of Balinese and Hindu mythology with stunning architecture of sea snakes carving.

Sited on a huge offshore rock of the ocean, this historic monument is surrounded by constantly crashing sea waves at the base, making it an iconic landmark for visitors.

You have to cross the local market in order to reach to this signature temple. There are many shops of souvenirs, clothing, and delicious Indonesian snacks.

For a perfect holy spiritual experience, head to Tanah Lot – the land on the sea. I was here in 2017 at the time of sunset and it’s just beautiful!

Best time to visit:  The best time to visit Tanah Lot is just before the sunset or sunrise. As you reach offshore, you can catch an impressive view of the temple in a dim light of sunrise or sunset.


ubud bali

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali, located in the center of the island. The complete package of Balinese culture, numerous art galleries and great folk dances makes it worth as one of the best places to visit in Bali. We have been a witness of such one great dance performance in Ubud.

This land amongst the charming terraced rice paddies is also a home to many art museums, jewelry shops, art paintings and crafts to take home memories with you.

The village is the best place to skip the city’s noise and relax in luxury villas. There are many villas over here offering great relaxation in form of personal pool and rejuvenating spa experiences.

I chose a stay in Alam Puisi Villa of Ubud for 3 days, great villa for spending quality time with your family in nature’s lap.

Things to do in Ubud:
  • Take a ride on bicycle for scenic views of surroundings.
  • Visit some art galleries and museums like Neka Art Museum.
  • shop pretty scarves, handmade woven bags and baskets and much more from Ubud Art Market.
  • Take a holy bath in to the waters of Tirta Empul.
  • Climb Mount Batur or stroll through greenery of Tegalalang Rice Terraces.
  • Admire the royalty of the Ubud palace.
  • Explore the wild life with Ubud Monkey Forest or Elephant Safari Park.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach

A warming sun, a glass of refreshing cocktail and a leisure lay down on white sand – that’s what I call perfect afternoon spot you can get at Kuta Beach.

The beach that was formerly a sleepy fishing village, has now become an active tourist destination. Surfing on a board with gentle sea waves is one of the great thing you can do here.

As it offers plethora of budget options – no matter if accommodations, foods, shopping or night parties – it’s the hot favorite and one of the busiest beach in Bali.

The southern end of the beach is little bit crowded, either day or night. For some peace, walk to the north end of the beach.

Things to do in Kuta:
  • Have fun at Circus Waterpark.
  • Go for shopping at Upcycle or Beachwalk.
  • Enjoy the trick art at Upside Down World Bali and Dream Museum Zone.
  • Surfing and sunbath at the beach.



If the luxury is what you are looking for, Seminyak is the best. Situated in the southwestern coast of Bali, this small town is the most luxurious area of Bali.

From its luxurious resorts and fancy restaurants to high-end boutiques, this destination is perfect for those who is ready for a hole on pocket.

All the eatery options present world-class cuisines by international chefs, places in line perfectly on the glorious white sand beach.

The night parties go on till late night in nightclubs. Refreshing cocktails and branded beers are being served at bars. It’s the best spot for professional surfers as the waves are too big for novices.

Seminyak horse riding
Horse riding

The beach is very quiet and clean, and so people come here for relaxation. The shimmering blue water and beautiful white terrain spread so far, offers panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

The ocean offers stunning view during sunset, filled with diverse shades of colors. It’s very famous among the youngsters and honeymoon couples for exclusive beach vacation in Bali.

Things to do in Seminyak:
  • Dive into cold bubbling water for refreshing swimming.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the ocean while horseback ride along the shore.
  • Surf on the high waves, for pro surfers only!
  • Snorkeling with colorful coral reefs and fishes.
  • Take a sunbath.
  • Go for shopping, visit Bali Trick Art Gallery or have fun at pool parties held in Seminyak.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua

This is another big-budget area of the Bali. If you are allowed to spend little more on your travel, definitely it’s worth to make your way to this ‘upscale’ haven.

It has everything one can ask for – plenty of big name resorts to add richness in your stay, shopping complexes, museums, beaches and even an 18-hole golf course!

The perfect awe-inspiring feeling is to sit down on manicured lawns reading your favorite book or make a jump into any private beach here.

The shiny blue water and pristine white sand are enough to lift up your senses. Plus, rejuvenating spas and number of watersports make this location ideal for family vacation and honeymoon destination.

Things to do in Nusa Dua:
  • Adore the great range of water activities like swimming, boating, sunbathing, parasailing, scuba diving, jet ski or snorkeling.
  • Praise the natural beauty of Water Blow.
  • Take a ride on camel at Bali Camel Safaris in Nusa Dua.
  • Play a game of golf at the Nusa Dua Golf and Country Club.
  • Watch out the Devdan Show.

Mount and Lake Batur

Mount and Lake Batur
Mount and Lake Batur

For anyone who want some adventure, should climb Mount Batur which is almost 5,600 feet above the sea level. It’s an active volcano in Indonesia promising natural beauty of surroundings from atop the volcano.

Mount Batur attracts many trekkers around the world to get wonder by the unforgettable views of crystal clear waters of Lake Batur encircled by beautiful mountains.        

Though it won’t take you to the highest point of Bali, it still offers mesmerizing sunrise view from the dramatic landscape of the island.

Mount Batur is famous for its sunrise trek which usually starts at around 4 AM. In the way, you will find many small street vendors serving you hot drinks.

As this is the easiest trekking mountain, you’ll reach at top in just around 2 hours.

Things to do in Mount Batur:
  • Reward yourself with magical sunrise from the top of the mountain.
  • Spend some time around the volcano craters.
  • Get relaxing swim in a natural hot spring.
  • Enjoy the early morning breakfast at a peak point.
  • Visit the famous coffee plantations of Temen Village.
  • Get a bike ride through the ancient villages.
  • Immerse in holy atmosphere of Pura Ulun Danu Batur.

Tip: Make sure you start trek early morning to reach on time at the top. Also wear comfortable clothing and good hiking shoes.

Most importantly, don’t miss your digital camera to click memorable pictures of yours!

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari Park
Bali Safari Park

Developed in the land of Gianyar, Bali Safari and Marine Park is the largest and most popular animal theme park of Bali. Animal lovers would love to see the animals roaming freely around the park in their natural habitats.

This most visited theme park has the appreciable collection of more than 60 species and around 400 animals. Here, you’ll get a chance to be close and personal with animals during your ride through jeep safaris.

Actually, this is not a real safari. In fact, it’s an open zoo with animals imported from the countries like Indonesia, India and Africa. It boasts animals like lions, white tigers, elephants, zebras, Orangutans, ostriches and many more.

Bali Marine Park
Bali Marine Park

Even, there is an option for you to take more time to watch these animals by booking a stay for night in park’s hotel room.

Having both water and amusement park alongside, this park is a best fun day out with family and friends.

Things to do in Bali Safari and Marine Park:
  • Don’t miss the live animal shows as well as Bali Theatre onsite.
  • Hop on animal rides or jeep safaris for signature safari journey.
  • Visit a marine park with so many marine animals like baby sharks.

Timings: 9 AM – 5.30 PM

Tip: Check the schedule for the day on its website as there are numerous shows and parades held over here. Must carry your camera for close-up photos with some animals.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach

The calm and non-wavy water of Sanur Beach is a perfect gateway to escape Bali’s other crowded beaches.

It allows people to sit peacefully, admiring the beauty of deep blue sea. Capture the best moments of early morning sunrise or evening sunset, both are equally pleasing.

fitness freaks can do their morning jog on the beachfront long walkway along with beautiful rising sun. Savor some of the delicious foods from the lined small restaurants and bars.

Sanur also has preserved its rich history as important historical landmarks, such as Blanjong Temple and nearby Le Mayeur Museum.

Things to do in Sanur:
  • Do the ‘sea-walking’ with beautiful colorful fishes and coral reefs.
  • Explore Bali’s rich history at Blanjong Temple.
  • Feed large variety of sea turtles at Turtle Conservation and Education Center (TCEC).
  • Participate in Bali Kites Festival, that take place every year around windy season, probably between July and August.
  • Kayaking and fishing.
Pura Luhur Uluwatu
Pura Luhur Uluwatu
Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Brilliantly built at the edge of limestone cliff, Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the most magnificent temples among the 9 Hindu temples in Bali.

The temple stands at the height of around 230 feet above sea level, overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean. As this wonderful spot is atop the rock, it indeed promises spectacular sunset to its visitors.

The Ganesha statue welcomes everyone at the entrance. While real monkeys of this temple ask visitors for treat, be aware with them as they sometimes steal personal belongings of tourists.

Things to do in Uluwatu:
  • If you haven’t been lucky to see a traditional Balinese Dance, then it’s a great opportunity to catch Kecak Dance Performace, shortly after sunset.
  • From traditional food stalls to luxury cafes and restaurants, you’ll find many options for foods.
  • Shoppers can go to souvenir stores.
  • Hop on a surfing board.

Other than surfing, there is not much to do here. However, the place itself for relaxation and to enjoy the scenery it provides.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Tegalalang Rice Terraces
Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terraces are the beautiful rice paddy fields located just few minutes north from Ubud.

These rice paddies are famous for its rice farming method of 8th century called ‘Subak’. Fantastic views of the green rice fields across the valley are what offers scenic outlook down the slopes.

Click the pictures with your camera wherever you want. You can even greet locals doing farming over there.

While you enjoy the nature’s lush, you can choose to stay in one of the luxury resorts of Ubud. There are many with classy accommodations.

After that you can opt for some coffee at one of the quaint little cafes. Or find a local talent of variety of woodwork and carvings at the small village of Pakudui.

The cool breeze and scenic point views are what attracts many nature lovers and artists.

Things to do in Tegalalang:
  • Take a sip of green coconut drink offered by a local farmer.
  • Admire awesome views of below from Tegalalang Rice Terraces Swing.
  • If you are a die-hard coffee lover, head to Alas Harum Agro Tourism for different tastes of coffee.
  • Meditate at Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple.
  • Have a look at Made Ada Museum.
  • Go for cycle tour to explore more at rice terraces.

Tip: many times, local farmers asks for so-called ‘donation’. Say no to them very politely at the same time firmly.

Pura Besakih Temple
Pura Besakih Temple
Pura Besakih Temple

Housed on the slopes of Mount Agung, Pura Besakih Temple is said to be one of the largest temple of all the Balinese temples. It is perched at the

This holiest temple is also known as the ‘mother temple’ of Bali. Surrounded by panoramic rice paddies and lush forests, has 23 separate but related temples.

The complex is perched at the height of 1000 m and designed on a terraced slope with 6 levels. The primary divinities include the temples of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

The temple hosts about 70 religious festivals each year. Basically, the cycle follows 210-day Balinese Pawukon calendar year. Pick the time for visit near these celebrations to become a part of it.

Tip: Make sure you dress appropriately, as revealing clothes are prohibited in temples of Bali.

Ayung River Rafting
Ayung River Rafting
Ayung River Rafting

This is the best thing I have ever experienced in my Bali trip. Chill water, guided boat and beautiful vistas makes perfect combination through the 10 km river rafting.

Ayung River Rafting is the best answer to your adrenaline thrill and adventure. It is the largest river located in Ubud, Bali and promises an exciting ride as you pass through the white water rapids.

You will be provided safety features and rafting equipment at a traditional Balinese wantilan design Lobby. Settled in a green rice fields, the lounge is full-equipped with separate male and female toilets.

ayung river rafting
Guide providing instructions for river rafting

Next, your rafting adventure will start with a guided fun and safe rafting tips. During this 2 hours of rafting, you’ll allow to stop at the breathtaking vistas of villages, forests and mountains in your way.

You’ll also find local people selling chilled beer and few snacks while you stop to catch the beautiful sights. Also after completing river rafting, you’ll be given a full facility to take bath with towels and other toiletries.

Feel your empty stomach good at the riverside restaurant offering Indonesian buffet lunch. We have tried the lunch, and it was delicious!

Things to do:
  • Get thrilled by the ups and downs of the river rafting.
  • Admire the lush and stone carving along the river.
  • Enjoy the lunch with stunning Ayung Valley views.
Tirta Empul Temple
Tirta Empul Temple
Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple, also known as “holy water temple”, is a symbol of a story of good over evil. The meaning of its name is a ‘holy water spring’.

This holy temple is worshiped by devotees who believe that the sacred pools of Tirta Empul purifies their soul and body.

Due to its magical healing properties, the temple draws attention of many curious travelers from all over the world. However, visitors are not allowed to take ritual baths.

Tirta Empul Temple
holy water pool

But, they can roam into the temple’s 3 sections by the beautiful split gate called Candi Bentar at entrance. Admire this 10th century structure, dedicated to Lord Vishnu for its unique carvings shrouded with statues and lush gardens.

I have personally enjoyed wearing Sarong – a traditional dress code of the temple. Sarongs will be provided at the temple’s entrance.

Koi Pool
Koi Pool

The best section I was wonder at is the Koi Pool. The most beautiful area with thousands of colorful Koi Fish swimming in the serene water of the pool.

Tip: the best time to visit Tirta Empul Temple is in afternoon or in full moon night. Avoid visiting on weekends or religious festivals.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Campuhan Ridge Walk
Campuhan Ridge Walk

Stroll on this trek is like surrounding yourself with splendid greenery and sweeping views of various landscapes of central highland part of Ubud.

It takes you away from clattering crowd of the streets and puts you in a nature’s lap. Walk onto some un-stepped hidden trails and snap you best pose to add in your Bali Diaries!

Hiking on the Campuhan Ridge Walk is like to catch a bird’s eye view of the nature in a peaceful environment listening to your own soul.

The entry is totally free here and the trekking is open for 24 hours all days.

Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali

For a well-spend watery day full of thrill, Bali has Waterbom water park in south Kuta. Waterbom Bali is rewarded as Asia’s number one water park entertaining all age groups.

This versatile waterpark has number of water rides ranging from mild to extreme that suites everyone – from easy relaxation of Lazy River to adrenaline-pumping 20m tall fall of Boomerang.


The park is designed to portray the jungle feeling as well as has enough shades to protect people from red-hot sun.

There are a lot many dining and bar options to feed your appetite. Get yourself a rejuvenating treat of really affordable Javanese massage together with fish foot spa available in the park.

As all age groups can have fun in their own kind rides, it is the most visiting family-friendly destination of Bali.

Goa Gajah
Goa Gajah
Goa Gajah

With just few kilometers from Ubud, Goa Gajah or “elephant cave” is a former sanctuary holding its spiritual and cultural position from the 9th century.

You have to enter through the mouth of wide-eyed big demon at the entrance to visit the serene pool inside. This religious cave got its name from the various elephant figures in form of Hindu God Ganesha – that has elephant head.

the fountain of youth
The fountain of youth

There are many Shaivite relics and Buddhist carving with ancient bathing pools which believed to be the figures from Hindu goddess which is filling water from ‘the fountain of youth’.

Nearby thriving jungles and architectural marvels increases the glory of this cave. The ornate carvings and stone works of Goa Gajah makes it more interesting for those who want brief knowledge of Indonesian architecture and heritage.

Things to do in Goa Gajah:
  • Catch a glimpse of sacred elephant structures spread all over the cave.
  • Feel devotion at the holy bathing pool with fountains.
  • Praise the ancient carvings and architecture.
  • Feel the calmness in Jungle Temple.

Tip:  same like other temple, Goa Gajah also has strict dress code. Put on comfortable footwear as there is a lot of walking to cover whole temple.

Rock Bar Bali
Rock Bar Bali
Rock Bar Bali

Sit back with a glass of signature cocktail or cool wine and watching the glorious sunset by the sea is a great treat for flawless evening.

Rock Bar Bali in Jimbaran offers heavenly vistas of the sunset as well as sea waves crashing to the rock formation of the bar.

The sitting arrangement is 14 m above the Indian Ocean on a limestone cliff. People just come here to experience the signature cocktails and premier shades of sunset in the lighting of the ambience.

While you see exceptional views and enjoy the drinks, melodious music from the world-class international DJs will definitely set your mood and brings you on the dance floor.

We have been in Rock Bar Bali around 8 PM, so we have missed the sunset. But, the night view with sea tides were just wow!

The bar starts from 4 PM to 12 PM.  Stylish attire is necessary and no backpacks or oversized bags allowed!

Bali Waterfalls
bali waterfalls

Bali is also home to beautiful waterfalls where you can recharge yourself by nature. It feels like meditation when listening the sound of water falling down on earth.

There are many such waterfalls surrounded with lush greenery and Rocky Mountains making them great spot for nature lovers.

Feel the coolness and calmness of the collection of 7 waterfalls at Sekumpul Waterfalls. Get a rejuvenating experience at Gitgit Waterfall. Refresh your sensations at Nungnung Waterfall.

Adore the breathtaking and scenic views of Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Munduk Waterfall or a hidden gem of gianyar – Kanto Lampo Waterfall. Whichever you choose, you’ll be at best calming and cooling atmosphere offering stunning vistas of rocky pools and cloves.