Depression Symptoms You Should not Ignore

Feeling low, tired, having trouble in sleeping, dark thoughts are not always considered as depression symptoms. These all can be due to lifestyle changes, temporary tough situation at work or emotional stuff. If you constantly feeling these more than few days, then definitely it’s a sign of depression.

Major depression puts you in a state of mental and physical illness. Due to that, you find less interest in routine life, struggling with your emotions and thoughts, sleep disorders and many habit changes.

signs of Depression symptoms varies according to age, gender and lifestyle.

Many ignores or don’t even know that these are symptoms of depression. They just focus on physical suffer the do. But let me tell you if you are not mentally healthy, then not physically as well.

I am listing some common symptoms helpful for you to diagnose whether you are depressed or not:

Feeling sad, helpless and hopeless, almost everyday

You will constantly feel sad and hopeless like nothing is going to be change or there is nothing good for me. Some days are like you do not even know why you are sad. You assume that no one is going to help you in this.

In depression, you will surround yourself in negative cycle and you feel and act according the way you think. At the same time, you try to find examples that support this situation.

Mood Swings is sign of depression

Mood swings

Yes, depression affects your mood too. You may feel irritated at one moment and angry in another moment. Anxiety and uneasiness makes you down.

Research has shown that due to dehydration you’ll become liable to feel more angry, irritated and anxious. according to studies women faces more mood alterations while men are more likely to struggle with memory and mental disturbance. Also men remain more tensed and anxious in depression.

Another symptom is Losing Interest in Daily Activities

You lose interest in doing daily activities. For no reason you feel tired, sleepiness throughout a day. Even normal and your favourite activities drag you back to do nothing. You are not going out anymore, hanging out with friends, family and cousins.

Children are no longer interested in playing with their friends, outside or inside. Check my way to deal with depression at work.

Thoughts of Worthlessness, guilt and suicide

depression Guilty feeling

I am not worthy to anyone, it’s my fault, I did something wrong, something is wrong with me, I don’t want to live – these all thoughts need a serious treatment when facing frequently. Person experiences dark and negative thoughts for himself or his life.

People cry often when they suffer from depression, without having reason. When children depressed, they cries a lot when they don’t understand what’s happening to them.

Low Energy Level and Fatigue

Sometimes we don’t want to leave our bad, just lying down and watching TV instead. No work, no activity. That shows low energy level. Fatigue is common in case of depression. Tiredness and weakness leaves you useless as you just sit down or stuck to your bed, that’s it.

Physical Aches

You have headache, almost every day. Plus, back pain, uneasiness in stomach, digestive problems can be the sign. Body movements becomes slow. Like you take time to think and act. Concentration and memory power affected. It’s tough to focus and take decisions in such state.

Suffering from endless felling of sickness and run down.

Unusual weight gain or loss, may sign of depression

You weight fluctuates as appetite affects. Either you gain weight or lose frequently.  You can’t even justify or know why so. I gain weight in case of depression. You may not feel hungry or overeat, which results in weight gain or weight loss. It depends on individual’s body.

Sleep Disorders

Have you ever noticed when you are not able to sleep or you sleep more? Next time keep track of your sleeping habits and you will know whether you are depressed or not. Difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep for log time and excessive sleep can be a result of depression.

Insomnia, hypersomnia and sleep apnea are common sleep disorders.

More alcohol and other addiction

I have seen people who start taking alcohol, drugs and other health affecting addictions that worsen their health and lead to more depressed level. Avoid all of them.

This article is not about causes or treatment of depression, but with help of this list you can understand the feeling of being depressed. So that you can get help by visiting a doctor or therapist.

Do not neglect these symptoms if experiencing often. Take a look to this checklist, understand the situation, get a help and overcome the tough times!