Easy summer skin care tips: essential beauty tips to follow this summer

Summer has arrived – the time for beaches, weekend outings, the famous nimbu-paani (lemon juice) and chilled ice-creams. It’s the span of the year when sun reflects its scorching heat bringing excessive sweat, skin rashes and sunburn.

While summer comes with a great fun of beach holidays and warm weather than the winter, it also has the harsh effects in store for your skin, hair and body. Summertime comes along its own skin challenges.

Skin care issues tend to increase – sun tans, pollution and dirt which makes oily skin more oily and dry skin rough and dehydrated. You eventually get prone to breakouts, pimples, dark spots and acne taking away healthy and natural glow of your skin.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t go outside and cancel your vacations you’re awaiting for long. Applying little basic skin care routine and early precautions can help you to enjoy the summertime without any worry.

Luckily, Freaky Thoughts has few summer skin car tips for protecting your skin from sun’s harmful UV ray. If you are the one who wants to go out without any skin care issues, then here is what you look for.

Enjoy the hot season to its fullest with my easy summer skin care tips:

Exfoliate your Skin

exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is very first step of healthy and glowing skin this summer. Our body forms dead skin cells that clog skin pores and make a layer of dull and dry skin over the healthy one. So it’s necessary to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove the dead skin cells and make it clean.

If your skin is not clear enough, then no cream or tonner is going to work. Exfoliate your skin on regular basis with body or face scrub and rinse it with water. You can apply natural ingredients too like coffee, yogurt or sugar.

Remember not to exfoliate every day as over scrubbing can cause rashes, redness and breakouts. You can clean your skin 2-3 times a week with scrub applying in circular motion.

If you have a plan to go out in the sun or swim, avoid the cleaning just before that. Instead of, try this in morning or evening for betterment.

Don’t forget sunscreen

apply sunscreen - summer skin care tips

Are you not using sunscreen in summer? Then you should not do that. Sunscreen is very effective way of protecting your skin from sun exposure. By staying long under the sun without sunscreen can damage the skin.

Researches has found that harmful rays of sun can cause premature aging, fine lines and rashes or sunburn. Pick the one with at least SPF 30 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. So look at the product what it covers.

Make sure you apply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours if you sweat a lot or after swimming. Even if it’s cloudy day, UV rays can harm your skin. So don’t miss to wear the sunscreen even if it’s not hot.

Consider the sunscreen as your best friend to fight against sun tans and other skin issues. So don’t forget sunscreen next time you go out!

Apply skin moisturizer in daily summer skin care routine

apply Skin moisturizer

It’s not that you need moisturizer for dry weather only and now you can skip this in summer as you have oily skin. Moisturizer is equally important to keep your skin hydrated from extreme heat.

Summer dehydrates our body of necessary oil and moisture, making it dry and rough. So you need to pamper your skin with enough light moisturizer that butter it up. It act as a protection layer from bacteria, sunburn and pollution.

As it’s not winter and weather is not that much dry, you can go for gel or water-based moisturizer having vitamin E. apply skin moisturizer every day to keep it smooth and moisturized.

Hydrated and happy skin

Drinking water - summer skin care tips

Water is an important element to our body in making healthy skin tissues. We all know about the benefits of drinking water. Water just not helpful in several bodily functions, but also helps to keep you hydrated in beating heat.

What happens in summer is everytime you drink water, you lose it more as sweat. The blazing heat evaporate the moisture and water content from the skin and makes you feel weak and dehydrated.

Drink plenty of water, ideally 8-10 glasses of water, to stay fresh and hydrated. Look to my blog on how much water you should drink a day to know about your required daily water intake.

Keep a habit of carrying a water bottle wherever you go and drink it every 30 minutes to maintain water balance in the body. This will energize you and save you from getting faint.

Sufficient water level affects your skin to look fresh, smooth and happy. This includes plain water, fresh juices or fruits that contains high amount of water.

Go makeup-free this summer

Allow your skin to breathe free by going makeup-free this summer. It’s the perfect time to embrace your natural beauty and go easy on your face. Makeup clogs skin pores, making it worst for your skin to breathe.

If you don’t want to go without makeup, no problem. Use light powder base or concealer that won’t sweat off easily. Always apply sunscreen before you wears makeup.

Primers are the best to hold your foundation well in summer and prevents it from getting easily melt on your face. Select waterproof organic eye makeup for smudge and sweat-free outing.

Secure your lips with a luscious lip balm or gloss having SPF. Don’t go out with heavy on face. However, it will be better to go bare-faced for happy breathing skin.

Focus on hair, lips and eyes too
wear sunglasses

We often fail to take care of two sensitive area of our face – eyes and lips. They are most neglected and sensitive areas that too need equal attention like your face.

Eyes and lips are more delicate as compared to rest of the face. When exposed to the sun, put on sunglasses to cover up your eyes. Use an eye cream or undereye gel and apply it every night before going to bed. This will prevent wrinkles around the eye and keep the skin hydrated.

lip care

Your lips has very sensitive skin. The hot summer vaporize the essential moisture from the lips and leave them dry and cracked. Your lips are not bounded to be buttered in cold climate only.

Choose a sun protecting lip balm with SPF content for shiny and glossy look for lips. Whatever product you select for lips, it’s great if you go with SPF holder ones.

In summer, our scalp sweats too much, that builds up dust and pollution, causing itchy and irritating scalp. Get rid of it by cleaning hair regularly with mild cleaning shampoo.

hair cleaning
picture credit: stylecraze

The high heat of summer damage the hair texture, making them dry and frizzy. This leads to excess hair fall. To maintain its moisture, deep conditioning is needed. The best practice is to give it deep conditioner or warm oils massage for soft and nourished hair.

Wash your face often with cold water to avoid heat after a day out in sun. Spray your hair with cool water everytime your head get heat.

Get safe glow with sunless tanners

We all know that sun has the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that has damaging effect on human body. They affect you with premature aging, skin burn and even skin cancer sometimes.

So avoid the habit of lying on tanning beds to get sun-kissed glow on skin. Instead of this, get safe glow with sunless tanners. These type of self-tanners gradually soften your skin and give you the exact summer skin color you want.

Get a healthy glow while spending weekend on beaches with safer options such as self-tanning towels and lotions.

Eat healthy
Eat healthy

Your skin is what you eat. Try to eat healthy every day to improve overall health of the skin. Try to mix up the vegetables, fruits, cereals and milk products to maintain healthy diet.

Consume fruits and vegetables rich in water to get enough vitamins and nutrients that your body requires. During summers, appropriate water intake is necessary to stay hydrated, so involve lots of fruits, juices and salads.

Eat all your vitamins and minerals. Drink plenty of water to stay cool in the hot sunny day. A beach sunset and a sip of coconut water is the perfect summer relaxation!

Maintain hygienic habits

Try to maintain hygienic habits. Putting all the good habits into account helps to tackle the warm heat. Make a habit to take bath twice a day this summer. This will not only feel you refreshed, but also make your skin happy.

Take a bath after swimming as chlorine water of pool makes us more tan. Go for a good night sleep of at least 7-8 hours. Don’t stress out much as it affects our skin, body and hair.

Though several skin care products are there in market, don’t miss the natural remedies straight from the kitchen. Let cool feel you fresh with a slice of cucumber, Aloe Vera or yogurt.

Always carry a cooling mist with you and spray it on your body every few hours to keep skin cool and hydrated.

Summers comes with great outdoor enjoyment activities that we are waiting for long. Despite of having fun-loving season, it also brings various skin issues. Just don’t be afraid of the sun.

Rescue your skin with these summer skin care tips and enjoy the summer times like you had never before!