Getting around Singapore: Transportation guide for tourists

If you are planning a trip to Singapore then this blog is definitely worth to read to how to roam around the beautiful Singapore.

Singapore has a great efficient and fast public transportation system for visitors to roam around the city. Tourists can access local transport in Singapore from every corner of the city to visit major sight-seeing attractions.

Getting around Singapore is most easy with its systematic and well-planned road. Also, its on-time running public transports are very comfortable and budget-friendly offering surprising cleanliness all around.

Transportation in Singapore for tourists comes with plenty of MRT trains, buses, taxis, rented cars and motorbikes allowing them to get a hassle-free travel to any place they want to visit.

Every Singapore transport is carefully developed, so you will find taxi stand or bus stop nearby. Also, there are several bus routes that are useful for sightseers including Singapore Sight Seeing Bus(also known as Hop on/Hop off bus). This bus is a best way to take a tour to this city without fuss.

The first step when you arrive at Singapore Changi Airport is to find out the cheap but comfortable transport option to reach to destination place.If you are looking for the same then read my Singapore airport transport services to find convenient way to travel to the city.

If you are going to visit Singapore for the first time, the following Singapore transport guide will help you to find easy and comfortable way to get around the city without fuss.

Let’s see how many local transport in Singapore is available for visitors:


Singapore MRT

MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit is the best way to get around the city with reasonable fares. Mass Rapid Transit system offers tourists cleanest and hassle-free rides to most of Singapore tourist attractions.

Starting a trip in MRT trains is like finding a convenient and safe way to travel across the city and that too in budget. Isn’t that great? Plus, the frequency of trains are so good at every 5 minutes in off-peak hours and 2-3 minutes in peak hours. So if you miss one, get another!

During peak hours, you may find train crowded. Apart from these hours, it’s a pleasure to roam about in.

LRT (Light Rail Transit)is the smaller network of trains that functions as feeders to main MRT network connecting each town to the MRT station in town centre. LRT allows passengers to alight closer to home.

MRT is carefully integrated network with 5 lines: East-West (green), North-South (red), North-East (purple), Downtown (blue) and Circle (orange) line.

Here, trains and stations are designed in such way that physically disabled passengers as well as families with strollers can get access to MRT.

Standard tickets are available for purchase from ticketing machine or Ticket offices at MRT stations. But if the plan is to travel a long and multiple times then I would suggest to go for EZ-link card or Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) which allow you unlimited travel for 1 day (S$10), 2 days (S$16) or 3 days (S$20).


Timing: Most trains operates from 5.30 AM until midnight 12.00 AM.

Costs:S$ 0.60 – 2.50

Note:Timing may vary according to holidays and weekends. Fares may vary based on type of payment you choose (either standard ticket or card). Also handy transitlink guides are available for ease at many bookstores as well as MRT stations.

You can determine ticket prices and travel times over here.



Hop on a traditional old-fashioned chauffeur-pedalled transport – Trishaws. It came in existence just after World War II and are mainly serving tourists routes.

Trishaw Uncle Pte Ltd is the only licensed trishaw operator in Singapore. Catch a glimpse of iconic landmarks on this three-wheeled chauffeur-pedalled transport. With little bargaining, short rides will costs you $10-20 while long ride can take a little bit more, depends how much you travel.

Singapore Public Buses

Singapore public buses

There are plenty of buses running in Singapore.Singapore buses are themost common mode of transportation among locals. Singapore public buses system has an extensive network of routes covering almost every cornerof Singapore.

Most of the buses are air-conditioned and even some have mobile televisions installed making your journey pleasant one. Like MRT, public buses also comes with easy access for physically disabled people.

Special night buses such as NightRider and Nite Owl provides late night services on weekends and public holiday evenings. Many types of buses are there to provide travel comfort service according to where you want to travel like mini-buses, double-deck buses or premium bus services.

This budget friendly mode of transport is probably the best for first-time visitors. You can take a look to many sight-seeing attractions of the city while buses run along the streets.

Bus fares are changed based on distance you travel and you need to keep exact fare in hand as driver will not give change. You need to board at front door and alight at the back door. Tap your card twice on card reader while you board and alight.

You can pay bus fares with cash or EZ-link card.

Timing: It can vary. Approx timings are: 5.00 AM to midnight.

Costs: ranges from S$ 0.60 – 2.50

Frequency: 5-20 minutes

Note: Most public buses do not displays next stop, so ask the driver if you areunsure.

Please check bus service details for surity.

Singapore Taxis

Singapore Taxis

By time, Singapore seems to be overflowed with taxis, so it’s very easy to get one for your trip. Taxis, no doubt, are fastest way to travel to any destination in short period of time. During rush hours it’s difficult to find any so better you book a cab.

Here taxi fares are low compared to other developed countries. All taxis here run on meter. However, be ready to pay extra if you hail a taxi after midnight, peak hours or for trips to Central Business District (CBD).

Apart from meter fares, surcharges may apply based on when and where you board a taxi, whether you use booking service and which company’s taxi you take.

Know that below fares can be changed based on timing you travel, taxi you choose and many factors.

Costs: base flag-downfare of standard taxi for first kilometre ranges from S$2.80 to $3.90.And then 22 cents per 400 meters for the next 10 km as well as 330 to 385 meters block. Same fare for every 45 seconds of waiting.

Available: 24 hours

Note: If a taxi displays red sign on dashboard, then the driver is changing shift and will only pick up customers wants to go in his direction.

I personally suggest Grab application service that offers taxis to commuters at reasonable price.

River Taxis

River Taxi
Source: thebestsingapore

Singapore River Taxis casts off from Clarke Quay and North Boat Quay every hour offering excellent view of the city at different angle. If your stay is near about the Singapore River then bumboat cruise is the best option to take.

River taxis has a short route covering major tourists spots such as Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer, Asian Civilisations Museum, Raffles and Esplanade Theatre.

For night party lovers, water taxis serve as a great transport mode to the best nightspot at Clarke Quay. And you know what is the great part of this water ride is? – You can enjoy stunning sights along the river while enjoying with your beloved ones.

Operating Hours: 8.00 AM – 10.00 AM and 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM (Mon-Fri). Not available on weekends and public holidays.

Costs: $5 per person (via EZ-link or NETS FlashPay card).

Frequency:At approx. 10 min interval

Visit more to

Private transport in Singapore

One of the easy and convenient way to have freedom to travel according to your plan is of course own a car. However, cars are the costliest mode of travel with compare to those public transports!

If you possess a car or rent a car then keep in mind that you have to drive on left side of the road and seat-belt is compulsory. Take a note that you need to pay several surcharges on expressways or Central Business District.

Before driving on road, you must have valid foreign driving licence or International Driving Permit (IDP). You can convert foreign licence into Singapore Driving licence if you are going to stay here for a purpose.

Apart from private cars, you can go for dockless shared bicycles.Just download respective applications, create an account, make a payment and unlock the bicycles.

Once account is opened, you can enjoy the super cheap bicycle ride all over the city. This bicycles are not just friendly on your pocket but also come with QR code unlocking system.

A 30 minutes bicycle rides may charge you S$ 0.50 – 1.00. But this is not fixed rate, as each vendor making variations in its prizes.

I hope by reading this post you’ll get some idea about Singapore transportation modes for the next time you travel. Best of luck for Singapore!