9 Off-putting habits that are stealing happiness of your life

Who doesn’t want to be happy in life. We all naturally seek happiness and very comfortable and tension-free life, isn’t it?

Though despite having great intensions to find lasting contentment, we end up sabotaging our own way to liveliness by several nasty habits.  

You might think that this will bring some joy to you, but ultimately, we become our own enemies.

However, many people even don’t know about making choices that actually force them into anxiety and despair instead of giving a state of well-being.

If you truly want to cultivate happiness and positivity, realize and quite these 9 off-putting habits that are stealing happiness of your life:

Comparing yourself with others


Comparing yourself to others is the sure way to be unhappy and dissatisfied with all you have. It’s overwhelming to neglect your own life and busy noticing others.

However, in this age of social media, it’s easy to look at someone else and think they got everything perfect, career, money or relationships.

Understand, people only show what they want us to see and the reality isn’t as rose-colored as it looks.

As human beings, we all are unique with our own flaws and talents. No one is perfect, neither the lives are. Your competition is with you, not other people. Beat the person you were yesterday and outgrow from your own limits.

Not being grateful

Not being Grateful

When you constantly keep complaining about everything, you’re not being grateful for the essentials of life. Complaining can cause you to focus on what goes wrong rather than right, resulting in miserable feelings.

If you’ve food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over your head and the people who love you, you’re richer than 75% of people in the world.

True, awful things don’t go away, it happens, it’s life. But, no matter how worse the circumstance is, there is always so much you can be grateful for. You just need to shift your perspectives.

Seeing an only adverse side of the matter will only cost you your happiness. Be thankful and count your blessings, even the smallest such as waking up healthily.

Being thankful for little joys can totally change your mindset and multiply goodness. You’ll realize how full and wonderful life you’re living.

Trying to control everything

try to control everything

Okay, tell me if you can control everything, can you? The fact is, no one has the ability to do so. You cannot be always on the driver seat.

Just because life has taken you to a different journey doesn’t mean you waste your precious time and effort on correcting it.

Often, this desire of “everything under control” comes from the fear of what if things go wrong. However, in the end, you’re challenging the universe plans, which in turn, lead to frustration and anger, nothing else.

You need to realize that there is so much outside of our control which we cannot do anything about it. They can be situations or people. The only thing in your control is how you respond to them.

Approach a positive attitude towards the things you can’t control. The more you allow life to unfold naturally, the more peace, happiness and freedom you’ll feel.

Blaming others

Blaming others

Searching for other situations or people to make the reasons for your problems or suffering is the most common reaction we have as humans.

By getting caught in a blame game, we surrender the accountability for our own feelings and actions. It’s a very destructive habit to convince yourself that it isn’t my fault and this is why it happened to feel better. 

In reality, our actions are our responsibility and only we are liable for their results. Blaming others can only make you notice the barriers instead of possible solutions.

For example, getting late for the job may probably have the excuse of traffic jams. But, you can take it as it’s my fault since I can have chosen to wake up early and leave early instead.

Don’t run from problems. Take responsibility on your own, see them as opportunities to grow and you’ll find the way to deal with it, more happily and efficiently.


Procrastination steals happiness

While looking back on how you’ve spent your time, do you regret it or feel satisfied? The answer says it all.

Agree, we all feel like putting off the tasks we should be doing at some point which is absolutely fine. But, habitual procrastination can actually bring more stress.

Due to procrastination, you lose the valuable time and energy that you could have utilized to achieve your dreams. And, when you do so, the task seems bigger to complete thereafter.

The solution? Evaluate what you need to get done on time and divide your tasks into smaller jobs to avoid delay. Don’t wait for the opportunities to slip away.

Take baby steps and stick with it. The time you notice the important tasks are being done, you’ll be happy.

Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk

Even though there’s no such person without any flaws, unfortunately, people engage in negative self-talk so much that they beat themselves over mistakes.

We set high expectations with ourselves and when get fail, we just start spinning a negative cycle in our mind. And, this is one more habit that can make you unhappy and take control of your emotions and mind.

Indeed, self-awareness is necessary to know on which area you need to work more. But putting yourself down constantly won’t help either.

Adapt self-love. It’s the way to not allow anything or anyone to tamper your peace of mind. In fact, self-love means to be a better you every day, every moment.

Be aware of those noises you have in your mind and replace them with something good. After all, we all here are trying to do our best, so praise yourself for it.

This positive habit and optimism will help you to shift your attitude and lead you to the path of happiness.

Dwelling on Overthinking


Most often our overthinking habit has its roots in the past or future which not only stops us from enjoying the present moments but also keeps stuck over there.

You cannot appreciate and create happy memories if you regret the past or be anxious about the future. It will only give you overburden, sadness and depression.

Although, it’s good to learn from your past and wisely plan the future, dwelling and being trapped in overthinking should be better totally avoided.

Furthermore, holding tight fear and worries are a barrier that can influence your important decisions and the ability to face the new challenges life throws.

Don’t worry, mistakes are not labels that you’re not capable or enough. Let yourself do mistakes, only then you can learn and make appropriate choices.

Holding tight to grudges

Holding grudges rob your happiness

Someone has really wounded you and you holding grudges to that person. Will it hurt you or them? Think about it.

Yes, difficult experiences may fill you with pain, but having resentment can ruin your happiness and potential to see wonderful things lies in front of you.

You continuously replaying the negative situations or other’s behaviors in mind and suffer from anger, helplessness and grief. Like this, you can’t expect peace and joy.

Moreover, if someone hurts you over and over again, accept that they don’t care about you. So, it’s better to help them narrow their choices by detaching yourself from them.

Do not waste your time to prove something or getting involved in a single thought of them. Forgive even if they’re not sorry and move on.

You got this one life only, live it in happier times.

You seek other’s acceptance


People love to be liked and accepted by others. However, the problem arises when you try to please others by suppressing your own wishes and identity.

Just take a moment to remember how many times you have tried to put the right impression on the people and feel very happy. Almost never, right?

Seeking other’s acceptance can make you dependent. You’ll no more have the capacity to make decisions on your own and defend the personal struggles.

Let go of the aim to be perfect for people to like you. We all are perfect when we remain as we are. Never lose your true self in order to please everyone, people will stay with you if they genuinely like to.

You are unique and there is no one like you with special gifts and talents. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Love yourself, accept yourself.

And, if you ever notice yourself doing it, ask this simple question:

Am I doing this for the sake of other people or I am truly happy? You’ll get to know.

Freaky Thought’s upshot

On some days, things indeed go well and lift you up, while on others, it’s completely up to you how to shape unfortunate things into something likable.

Take time to reconnect and recognize why you’re so harsh on yourself. Is it other’s statements, pleasing people attitude or the assumption of what others will think of you?

Each day is a new scope to become a happier person. Don’t let these offensive habits heist it from you! Start small, get rid of the pessimistic head and remember to be kind-hearted to yourself as well as others; you’ll be soon on the road of happiness.