Health benefits of Drinking Water daily

Our body contains major content of water around 60%. While exercising or at your jogging time, your body release water in form of sweat. Even though when you are just sitting or doing some no-core-hard work, then also your body maintain healthy temperature. Our water intake excrete from our body through urine or sweat.

Our body needs clean drinking water daily to regulate water intake due to discharges of water. Many of us know the health benefits of drinking water, but hardly people able to apply it in routine.

It’s not that they don’t want to, but they simply forget to consume water in their daily life despite of knowing facts about health benefits of drinking water daily.

Appropriate daily drinking water intake can be beneficiary for your body in many ways. Whether it’s metabolism process or weight loss or functioning of each and every cell, water is the answer to everything.

With the regular and necessary water intake you can also beat many diseases or even prevent from happening.

Everyone has question that how much water should I drink a day? Recommended rule is drinking 8 glasses of water a day or 2-4 liter a day. Here are some benefits of drinking water if consumed in right amount:

Drinking water will boost energy

Have you ever noticed that you are feeling low sometimes and you never know the reason? May be required water amount is lacking in your body. Dehydration lower down your energy level and makes you feel tired.

Drinking water is important in case of hot weather or while doing exercises. Dehydration can increase fatigue and affect your physical and mental health.

Simply drinking water will boost energy. So whatever you are doing, exercise, jogging or a normal routine, do not forget to boost your energy with water.

Drinking water helps better heart functioning

Our heart is also need to be hydrated for proper functioning. Adequate water intake helps heart to pump blood more efficiently. Also your heart rate will be balanced and blood pressure in control. It also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Drinking water helps better heart functioning by pumping blood easily to muscles through blood vessels. which helps muscles to work more efficiently.

Water and brain Function

water and brain

You may think how water and brain function relate to each other. Let see how does water help the brain.

Human brain is made up of 73% of water. So you can imagine that how much water is important for proper brain functioning. Water helps you to focus and concentrate more, increase brain performance and memory.

If you brain is healthy than definitely you will be in good mood, right? As you are enough hydrated, you will be free from stress and fatigue.

Water removes toxins

Water removes toxins in form of urine or sweat. These toxins are the waste of our body that water floats out of the body. This process cleanse your body with water to not form kidney stones. It also protects from urinary tract infections.

Drinking water helps you lose weight
water formula to lose weight

I guess this is the point that everyone is looking for nowadays. Everyone wants to lose weight, trying hard in gym, forcing hard-core diet and many more. Have you ever thought that water can be a good source to lose weight?

Obviously water is of zero calorie, so it’s possible. With proper water intake before meals or replacing your high calorie beverages with water helps you lose weight.

Water does it by boosting our immune system that burn more calories while you are at rest. With increase metabolism you can fight with many diseases like flu, cold or cancer.

Drinking water daily prevent constipation

Water keeps our body processes regular. A healthy digestive system helps your body to digest what you eat. Water breaks up foods and pass them through digestive tract thus avoiding constipation. Constipation is a common problem and water helps to relieve it.

With healthy body and mind, you will be definitely happy! Keep drinking water!

Water cures headaches

As I said above, our brain requires to be hydrated for its proper functioning. Headaches can be a symptom of dehydration. Not just headache, but many of our body pains can be due to dehydration.

When you feel headache, then remember you brain is telling you to get more water as water cures headaches.

When body is out of essential fluids, then it cause brain shrink and pull away from skull. This causes pain and results as headache.

Drinking water helps kidneys

Like mentioned above, drinking water helps kidneys to prevent stones to form. Kidney stones are small hard deposit of minerals that forms in kidneys and are very painful.

Due to more consumption of water more fluid passes through kidney that breaks concentration of minerals so that they cannot form clumps.

Water prevents hangover

Hangover is a result of consuming excessive alcohol. Alcohol consumption promotes dehydration and dehydration causes symptoms like headache, thirst, fatigue and dry mouth.

Keep yourself enough hydrated whenever you take alcohol as water prevents hangover.

Consume alcohol with water and make a habit to drink a glass of water between your drinks. Have a big glass of water before bedtime.

Water and Fitness

Our bones contains around 31% of water while kidneys and muscles are composed of 79% of water. So you can better know how water and fitness relate to each other.

Adequate water intake prevents cramps and sprains. Water lubricates and flexible your joints and muscles naturally. So you can do more exercise!

Water maintain body health by boosting metabolism as well as keeping each and every organ hydrate so that they can do their functioning properly. And if every function our body is working properly then definitely you can stay fit, right?

Drinking water for Healthy Skin

Water makes your skin moisturized and nourished. Dehydration damage your skin by making it dry and flaky. Water helps skin to throw toxins out, remove dead cells. Being hydrated, your skin will glow with improved complexion.

Skin will become smooth and soft without wrinkles. Yes, water also acts as anti-aging for skin.

Improves your mood

When you are properly hydrated, you will be more energetic to get things done. Your body organs will work properly with increasing brain performance. So automatically you feel better internally. And that’s the reason, you will be in a better mood.

Water is always important and beneficiary for our body organs to work properly. So keep yourself enough hydrated!