12 great healthy breakfast foods to eat for significant weight loss

Nothing is as important as morning breakfast to kick-start an energetic day, but it’s hard to choose the right foods when we talk about weight loss.

People often skip their breakfast to keep calories lower. However, skipping breakfast only leads you to eat more and whatever you look in first, even unhealthy, through the day.

It’s because our metabolism stays at its best in the mornings and it needs something to push-up ourselves after a long night sleep.

Breakfast provides that fuel to your body and boosts energy for a power-packed day while saving you from later cravings and a bunch of calories you take all day.

Starting a nutrition-packed day high in protein and fiber will not only keep you full for long but also increases metabolism, further resulting in weight loss.

So, make sure you eat healthy breakfast foods rather than totally avoiding it!  

Find out the Freaky Thoughts listed great healthy breakfast foods to lose weight that won’t leave your stomach empty in mornings!


Eggs- healthy breakfast foods

Eggs are the most common breakfast of many people as they are nearly inexpensive and very easy to prepare in no time.

Rich in high-quality protein and healthy fats, eggs are loaded with many essential vitamins and mineral making it perfect nutritious breakfast for everyone.

Plus, protein takes longer to digest than carbs, which in turn, help you to stay full for longer, reducing your calorie intake for later.

In fact, one study also marked that those who ate eggs have significantly increased the feeling of fullness than those who didn’t.

It also contains the fat-burning Choline that says your body to not store extra fats. Additionally, eggs also found to improve your mood and cut several heart diseases.

Prepare your eggs the way you like, either poached, hard-boiled or scramble, and pair it with whole-grain toasts, avocado or veggies for a delicious healthy breakfast to shed few pounds!   


bananas - healthy breakfast foods

Being a great food to lose weight among many healthy breakfast foods, bananas are an excellent choice to replace your sugary breakfast cereals.

Always eat a medium banana that’s low in calorie and, high in potassium and dietary fiber when you look for food.

This will satiate your hunger and curb the craving for unhealthy junks. And indirectly, you’ll lose weight!

Furthermore, unripe bananas contain a good source of resistant starch that may reduce your calorie intake as well as make you lose your belly fat.

You can eat sliced banana alone or use as topping on top of morning oats or yogurt. Even you can make a smoothie of it if eating whole feels boring to you.


Avocado - healthy breakfast foods

Fats are bad when you want to lose weight and need to eat healthy. But, those present in avocados are good fats that can be served as a healthy breakfast.

Avocado is the best weight-loss friendly food that is packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in its each serving.

It contains enough healthy fats to energize you that don’t leave you hungry for foods a few hours later.

What’s more, unsaturated fats in avocado can also keep your heart healthy of several heart-related risks.

Make a good choice of nutrient-dense meal with a small serving of medium avocado with whole-grain toast or eggs baked/boiled in it. You can even mix it with vegetable or eat raw with some pinch of black pepper.

Ultimately, savor any of the ways your heart desire, it will be best healthy breakfast food for you to lose weight!

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt- healthy breakfast foods

Finding something healthy out of dairy isn’t always easy, but the right choice of creamy and delicious yogurt can do the trick to get off those extra kilos.

Greek yogurt, especially, offers a good amount of protein and less sugar than regular yogurt which makes you feel satisfied for more time.

Not only this, but Greek Yogurt serves the number of other health benefits, including better hunger control, preserving muscle mass, and, healthy bones and guts.

As well as, the probiotic bacteria in it helps you to relieve depression symptoms and anxiety levels too.

Indulge in the flavors of yogurt breakfast as it’s very easy and quick to prepare when you are in a hurry in mornings.

Simply eat it if you love it as plain, or try to add few berries and nuts for some sweetness, include in your smoothies or mix with granola or seeds, just the way you like your yogurt most!



Oats are perfect to eat for breakfast if you always keep an eye on calories. As it involves less processing, whole-grain oatmeal is best to switch over ready cereals of high calories and sugar.

Oatmeal is basically low in calories but filled with fiber, protein, B-vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron. Hence, a small bowl of oats provides satiety for a long time.

Above all, they’ve also been associated to boost metabolism by eliminating toxins from the stomach and improving cholesterol levels, thanks to its unique compound called – beta glucan.

Do you know what’s the best thing about oats is? Creating different varieties of it with any ingredient is easy to enhance your taste buds.

Cook plain oats in water or milk, include some flavors of spices or garnish with yogurt, fruits and nuts, the appetizing oatmeal dishes will surely fill your bellies!

After all, it’s better than instant flavored cereals having more sugar than you need in early morning…



Berries, berries, berries! There are many types of berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, all are incredibly heavy on nutrients our body needs.

Although berries are low in calories, they provide a generous amount of fiber and vitamin C to keep you full and satisfied for hours.

As one of the healthy breakfast foods, berries are super-rich in antioxidants too that protects our body cells from free radicals.

When you enjoy the cup loaded of different berries, you’ll not only do good to your weight but also for glowing skin as well as overall health.

Believe it or not, studies have too found that swapping your high-calorie afternoon munches by a bowl of mixed berries reduces calorie intake and aid weight loss.

Eating mixed berries as a morning breakfast will help you to stay fit. Or, to make it more exciting, apply them to oatmeal, smoothies or yogurt and enjoy!



Many dieters think of grapefruits as fat-burning fruit and for several good reasons, it’s there in our healthy breakfast foods list.

Eat them without concerning about calories as grapefruits are low in calories. Also, there is a good water and fiber content present in a grapefruit serving that fills you up so you eat less.

Even It’s a good idea to eat a half grapefruit before each meal. This will decrease your calorie intake during mealtime and you may drop a few pounds.

Researchers tested this in obese people where they ate a half grapefruit before a meal, and lost an average of 3.5 pounds over 12 weeks.

Well, how? That’s because Grapefruits boasts fat-burning enzymes that prevent excess sugar storage in the body, ultimately, bringing you towards your goal.

Besides this, having rich in vitamin C, this fruit is highly beneficial for diabetic people as it keeps the blood sugar levels in control.

Take a few slices of this fruit with your other healthy meal. If you eat salads, then combine grapefruits with it or just make a smoothie and have it!

Green Tea

Green tea

I have talked about the amazing health benefits of green tea in one of my article before this, and weight loss is one of them.

Green Tea works for everyone who is on a fat-to-fit mission and very convenient to drink and prepare anywhere at work or home.  

Moreover, this healthy beverage has its rich antioxidants called catechin and caffeine that are good as they elevate the metabolic rate of the immune system.

Plus, it has its active compound EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) to prevent fat storage.

And, all of these three further accelerate the fat burning process and energy used by the body, resulting in a gradual drop of weight.

To enjoy green tea, add the flavors you love to have a sip with.

Squeeze a few drops of lemon, brew green tea with ginger or mint or add a bit of raw honey for a good taste with your morning breakfast.

I personally brew my green tea leaves with ginger, adding few drops of lemon to it!

Nuts and Seeds


While the calories and fats in nuts and seeds are high, it’s portion should be minimum to get the best out of it as healthy breakfast foods.

As eating in the correct amount, one serving of 1 oz. (means 28 g) offers a perfect duo of most of the healthy fats, protein and fiber in it.

From losing weight to reducing bad cholesterol levels, nuts and seeds are pretty particular in essential Vitamins B and E, plus antioxidants to fight many diseases.

Take a pre-measured portion of handful nuts having almonds, cashews, peanuts and walnuts. If that makes you eat more of them, try to toss nuts on the top of oatmeal, yogurt or salads.

Even you can prepare a whole grain or multi-grain toast with peanut butter and other nut butter.


There is also a great good-for-you list of seeds like flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds for a nutritious combo.

The protein, fiber and other minerals like zinc, iron and calcium in seeds promote better health and immunity. Additionally, it’s also known to lower bad cholesterol and preventing a blood sugar spike.

Sprinkle some seeds over your smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt for a crunchy of addition or make it toasted with avocado or nut butter for more variation.

But, be careful to not overboard on the number of nuts and seeds as they are still calorie-dense!


Sprouts - healthy breakfast foods

Sprouts are an easy solution as healthy breakfast foods when the idea is to lose numbers on the scale.

Loaded with nutrients, primarily protein and fiber, sprouts allow you to meet your daily protein requirements leaving your appetite satisfied, so you no longer crave for unhealthy stuff.

It also power-up your digestive system for better food break down and naturally detoxifies the body.

Have steamed lentils and kidney beans or you can even make sprouts chaat together with veggies and spices flavors mixed in it.

To avoid indigestion, steam your sprouts and then dig in!

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

There is a reason why our parents always tell us to eat green leafy vegetables. Probably, they’re aware of the benefits these greens can do to our body.

Eating green veggies is the best way to add plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals to your meal without loading up on calories.

In fact, green vegetables are truly a powerhouse of nutrients which not only gives you an appetite satisfying weight-loss food ideas but also avoid many health problems.

The more with leafy greens is, besides weight loss, you’ll keep your eyesight good, skin and hair healthy as well as bones and teeth strong.

So by just a bowl of green serving, you can achieve everything necessary for you to stay healthy.

If just salads sound dull to you, make a sandwich with carrots, spinach, broccoli and avocado, and of course, peanut butter is there for sweet flavor!

For some healthy green shakes, try to mix raw spinach or broccoli with some berries and almond milk, or yogurt.



Smoothies are just a way to add more nutrients in a quick and easy manner where you can mix and match with any ingredient you love to enjoy at fullest.

Blend some veggies like cucumber, carrots, spinach or broccoli with some high protein ingredients like yogurt, seeds and nuts.

A smoothie made from milk, few berries and leafy greens will also do the best to your weight loss program.

Even the berries blend with Greek yogurt and chia seeds is enough to curb your cravings and fill you with full of protein and fiber so you feel satisfied for hours.

These are just a few ways to make smoothies for weight loss, you can do even better to it!

However, ensure that you don’t overdo the high-calorie ingredients in smoothies, just keep it simple and healthier.

Remember to eat healthy breakfast every morning after a whole night with an empty stomach so your body can get its fuel and required nutrients.

Eating healthy breakfast foods will not only cut out the hunger but helps you to stick with eating healthy all day. So be sure to never ever skip your morning meal!

One more thing in last, true that weight loss is difficult to attain, but with the right food habits and some exercise routine, it’s easy and possible to make a difference.