9 Healthy skin habits to apply daily for natural beautiful skin

Who doesn’t want natural healthy skin without spending savings on skin products? I guess, everyone wants young and beautiful skin, no matter if men or women.

Whenever we see people with flawless skin, we wish to have the same and even try to know their secrets for it.

Despite knowing the factors causing skin damage, what we miss out is some good skin care routines necessary for long-lasting natural and clear skin.

Though it’s a fact that finding time for skin care is next to impossible in this busy life, you can still manage to pamper your skin by applying few healthy skin habits.

Also, these little skin cares not only to give you healthy glowing skin but also saves you from several skin problems in a natural way.

And, the good thing is you don’t have to go far for those skin care tips. Just check out the Freaky Thoughts’ secret healthy skin habits for natural radiant skin you ever dreamt of:

Drink Enough Water

healthy skin habits - drink enough water

Drinking enough water is not only one of the basic skin care habits but also a key point for healthy skin.

As our major body made up of water, there are numerous benefits of drinking water supported by studies and skin hydration is one of them.

Well-Hydrated skin looks clear and radiant with almost no pores and fine lines as the toxins are out, whereas the lack of it can cause dry and flaky skin.

Because it’s free of calories, plain water gives you natural glowing skin as well as promotes weight loss for those who are working on it for a long time.

Recommended water intake is 8 glasses per day for overall good physical health. So make sure you don’t omit to drink plenty of water for healthy skin!

Eat Healthy

healthy skin habits- Eating healthy

It seems funny that how healthy eating translates into healthy skin. But, that’s pretty true! Your diet reflects your outer skin and so should be taken care from the inside too.

Which means, to have a young-looking skin you should consume nutrition filled foods and that has also a positive result in studies showing a connection between the two.

Eating right and skin-friendly foods can help your skin to shine. And for that, cut down the consumptions of dairy products and processed foods like bread, pizza, pasta as they can raise oil production and cause skin inflammation.

On the other hand, foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, C and K as well as omega-3 and selenium do wonders for your skin.

Such foods include green vegetable, fresh fruits and whole grains that ensures to protect skin from harmful free radicals.

Also don’t forget to include all color foods when you eat to get all nutrients, vitamins and minerals vital for healthy skin and body!

Cleanse Your Skin

healthy skin habits - clean the face
Clean the skin to remove all impurities!

It’s all about skin cleansing when we want healthy and flawless skin. Whether you apply makeup or not, your skin soaks outside dust, oil and other impurities that stick with the face.

And the result is, clogged pores, acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, a regular exfoliation or cleansing skin should never be neglected. It is a necessary skin care routine that removes the dead skin cells and gives you fresh and healthy looking skin.

Not cleansing means “roaming with impurities” that can damage healthy cells of skin resulting in dull and flaky skin.

Use mild makeup remover to remove makeup with gentle cleanser or exfoliator for regular exfoliation of the skin will do the best.

If you sweat out a lot or had an intense workout, a short shower of 10 min will clear all your skin impurities.

So, the next time you skip skin cleansing, think about all harmful possibilities on your skin!

Always wear Sun Protection

sunscreen protection
Put sunscreen whenever you out with the Sun

One of the crucial healthy skin habits is to protect your skin from the Sun. You may not even realize the harmful effects of sun’s UV rays while getting sun-kissed tan.

Remember to always wear a sunscreen when out in exposure of Sun’s ultraviolet rays even on cloudy days, as sun rays are always there in every weather.

Going without sun protection can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, sunburn, age spots and even destroys skin elasticity and collagen.

Similarly, note that you choose right sunscreen and apply it in correct manner. Prefer sunscreen that has SPF 30 or higher, water proof and protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

If you are planning for day-out between 10 to 4, then reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hour to stay protected. Wear clothes that cover your body like a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeve t-shirt or jeans.

After all, hangout in sun with little care for your skin definitely won’t be a loss!

Keep the skin Moisturized

moisturized skin

Just like cleansing, moisturizing is also a key point for bright and healthy skin.

Your skin is most sensitive and exposed area of body that can lose its moisture over time.

Additionally, a bath, exfoliation and sun exposure makes it even drier by removing its natural oil and hydration.

This is the reason why moisturizing is necessary to apply on a regular basis. Daily moisturizing can prevent dehydration and lock the moisture in. And, thus it gives a soft, smooth and youthful skin in appearance.

Furthermore, a well-moisturized skin improves the skin tone and texture and keeps you aging gracefully with healthy skin.

If you’ve oily skin or sensitive skin, don’t stop nourishing your skin as there are many skin moisturizers available that suits every type of skin.

You can also opt for a light lotion or serum than those cream based having hyaluronic acid, which is a great hydrator for the skin.

Keep in mind, our skin needs nourishment on the outer layer too and skin moisturizers are great to achieve it!

Do exercises often


True that exercise generally has its effects on losing weight and betterment of overall wellbeing, there is one more amazing benefit of it – healthy skin.

Exercise makes you sweat a lot and when you sweat, your skin pores open and remove toxins out of the body through sweat.

Moreover, workouts improve blood circulation in our body and increased blood flow means better delivery of nutrients to the skin.

With this efficient blood flow and flushed toxins, you will get the toned, younger and glowing skin you ever wanted.

Instead of sticking to hardcore workouts, going for other activities like yoga, running or playing your favorite sports like badminton or tennis can also do the trick for healthy skin.

While this is true, just don’t forget to cleanse your skin post-workout as this will ensure your skin don’t keep dirt and sweat on it.

Sweat detoxify the skin naturally and when you’ll see the natural blush on your skin after a workout, you’ll love sweating more!

Get some Beauty Sleep

have a good sleep

As in, sleeping is a common thing we all do at night, but getting enough and quality is much important for healthy complexion.

Get some beauty sleep of at least 7-8 hours makes a big difference to your skin because that’s the only time when your body gets enough time to repair and regenerate skin cells.

Interrupted sleep patterns means your skin doesn’t get healed and the effect will be visible as premature aging and inflammation.

If you think you’re a night owl, try to sleep early by switching off all electronic devices and keeping some good habits like reading a book or listening to music.

A good quality sleep helps your skin look young and fresh. Though it may not feel like an issue right now, your skin will thank you later for this!  

Choose Skin Products wisely

Skin Products

There are many skincare products available in stores promising for anti-aging, wrinkle and spots free skin for consumers.

However, it’s thoughtful that if they really delivered those promises, probably no one has the skin problems in this world.

Understand, no single product can fight all skin problems. Focus on the major single problem and choose your product accordingly.

Those who have dry and sensitive skin can use beauty products having natural ingredients high. For oily skin, light gel-based products will work best.

Sensitive skin people should lessen the usage of such products and more natural home remedies for healthy and glowing skin.

Also, don’t get affected by the skin products fragrances. They may have chemicals like parabens and sulfates that can make your skin condition even worse.

Read the labels before you buy the product, if you see any harmful chemical then avoid buying it.

Don’t be Stressed

Don't be stressed
Be calm and relaxed!

Stress is a leading cause of many diseases and health conditions nowadays. Though there is not well-defined direct linking between stress and skin aging, some studies still suggest that chronic stress is a culprit for unhealthy skin.

Normally, when you’re in stress or depression, your body reacts by releasing hormones to help you cope up with. When this takes a long time, the problem starts.

The chronic stress can make things worse for your skin, mind and body, in short, your overall health.

Not only it damages several body functions, but it also disrupts the skin’s defense system to infections. So basically, your skin becomes more prone to inflammations, breakouts and aging.

Furthermore, it can slow down the healing process so your skin remains damaged for a longer time.

To deal with all these negative impacts, you must learn stress management as healthy skin habits.

Do yoga and meditation or make exercise a habit in daily routine. This will help you to achieve both – stress relief and healthy skin.

Stay Consistent

With age, skin care becomes just as important as you face fine lines, wrinkles and aging symptoms.

Make these healthy skin habits your daily skin care routine and you’ll see healthy changes in your skin.

May these basic skin care tips sound normal to you, but have major impacts on your skin when applied daily.

Ultimately, to get healthy skin, it’s better to be consistent in your beauty routine than undergoing painful medicals!