Depression at Work: How to deal with depression at work

Depression is somewhat that prevent you from your day to day activities including your workplace. Living with depression is undoubtedly the most challenging task. Depression with less interest in your daily activities, fatigue, hopelessness and feeling low is nowhere easy to cope up with.

I personally suffered from depression for long time. And you know when it becomes hard? When you try to concentrate on your work and try to be productive at work. I personally sees very difficult to be productive at work while being depressed.  Sometimes I feel so impossible to go at work even though I love my work.

Depression at work is only managed when you diagnose the cause of depression. You seems to be lost at work and find impossible to complete the task or even less work done that assigned to you. Feeling of tiredness and unmotivated makes your depression worsen.

I know, it’s hard to deal with depression at work as you need to be highly concentrated at work to get things done. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to take time off from your work.

But if I can deal with depression, then definitely you guys can. Just with this basic changes at your work place, fight with depression at work:

Divide and Rule / Divide Your Tasks
Make Things Happen

You must be knowing the famous policy of divide and rule. You need to apply the same while working with tasks assigned to you at work place. Confused? Let’s make it simple.

Having depression, it seems hard to manage and accomplish tasks assigned to you. Of course, you have to finish them. Simply divide your tasks into small pieces, and know that you can do it.

Take a small break between tasks, with treating yourself a cup of coffee or a chocolate or a movie. I personally take a break of my favourite TV show or a chocolate. Actually, I love chocolate, you know.

Be open
Discussion with colleague

I am literally unable to focus on my work when I am suffering from depression. And I guess you guys feel the same. I personally have belief that when you trying hard to focus and complete the things, it becomes more tensed for you.

Don’t try hard, please. Instead of that, be open with the colleagues or employees or even with your superior whom you trust. I have applied this in my case. I have talked with my trusted colleagues who can help me out of this and understand my situation that why I can’t focus on work.

Staying open will not harm you until and unless the people whom you are sharing are trustworthy. Before your manager or superior will show you a red flag, speak to them about why you are not focused or able to finish task. Ask them for some time or break.

Try some yoga or meditation
Yoga and Meditation, The Power

Try some yoga or meditations. You can also go for mindfulness or heartfulness practice. Yoga and meditations are proven therapy to keep your mind calm and relax. With the several health benefits, meditation keeps you focused.

Practising heartfulness is also a good option to understand your heart and allow you to keep you working when your mind constantly telling you that “I am tired, I cannot” or “why this happened”.  Heart always gives you the right answer.

Set your goals
Set Clear Goals

I am used to set my clear goals and know that I have to accomplish them. I constantly involves myself in setting goals of my life and making path to achieve them. I agree that I have tried a lot on daily basis to convince myself on the way of my goals. It’s hard.

Do something that you enjoy. It’s not just relate to work only. Get yourself times like cycling, swimming, tracking or going to the gym. Work on yourself daily to get out of this.

You may have heard the quote “Practice makes a man perfect”. In case of depression, apply the same.

Make your workplace comfortable
Make Your Desk Your Comfort-zone

Workplace environment plays an important role in your mood swings. The environment, peaceful colors and noise can affect your mental health. I put something on my desk that keeps me calm and happy.

As I believe much in spirituality, I always put my headphones in and listen some smooth spiritual music or some prayers. That calm down my mind and allow me to focus on work more.

Try to pin your family pictures on board of your desk or some motivational quotes to inspire you.

Though it’s tough to give your best at work in depression, basic little things can help you to find way to your goal.