learn to simplify life when things are Really difficult

Does your life keep unfolding around the rough chaos of life? It’s time to learn to simplify life and work for the betterment of your present and future.

Somewhere while trying to live an impressive life with work, family, expenses, and many more, it feels overwhelming. That piece of peace fades out in this exhausting and rat-race era easily.

Though, living a simple life definition can be different for each person. For me, it is to get rid of unnecessary and extra clutter so you can actually see what really matters to you.

Life gets really tiring at times. However, instead of counting the stress and pressure of those moments, finding ways to simplify your life is always a great option.

It brings joy, freedom, and valuable time of yours back. You feel alive, optimistic, and will have time to focus on more important things.

So, rather than looking for all things to work, here is how you can simplify life and make room for good being more relaxed. Let’s recreate the simplicity!

Plan a daily Routine

Plan a daily routine to simplify life

While hitting a snooze button is very satisfying, we know how the rest of the day will go, right?

This is something really nice trick to start to simplify life and go easy and organized for the whole day and so, for the whole life.

A lazy morning will be like rushing here and there to complete all pending in stress, resulting in everything mess for the later.

However, it’s good to have a daily routine for a positive start. Keep things simple and you can do whatever makes you feel good.

Be its yoga, exercises, a good book, or just a cup of coffee looking at the morning sun. You can even have time to plan out the day and finish the home chores so your day goes well and not in a hurry.

Wake up earlier, stick to a good morning routine, and book in the stuff that matters. You will be more productive and positive!

Simplify the Tasks

Simplify tasks

Have you ever gone mad of thinking the long list of your to-do list?

We all have different tasks and priorities and we should learn to manage them in a way that doesn’t frighten us.

So instead of wasting time getting panicked on different areas of life, here’s you can come up with a better system:

1. Home
Simplify home tasks to simplify life

When you think about all the stuff you do at home, the list becomes never-ending. We’ll never get those all things done in just one day.

So, find out how much time you get every day for your home, list them in order of importance, and start!

Moreover, learn to be quick. Walkthrough the house with all cleaning stuff and do the basic tiding. For example, put clothes in the laundry and make everything looks fine in the right place.

As things are in their place, you spend less time finding the required, like your car keys or socks.

Also, practice doing big cleans like eliminating garbage, washing, or organizing your wardrobe well. 

Just 30 minutes each day to finish at least 3 housework can cause you to simplify your home tasks in a wiser manner.

2. Work
simplify work tasks to simplify life

Just like your house, your work too will be properly planned in a way to make room for productive work to be done. Because the flow of tasks really matters.

If you try to knock-off all the tasks assigned to you at once, there’s no chance you’ll give worthwhile of your time.

We just don’t want to get things done, in fact, we want the right things done. Results are always valuable when you’re in an organization.

Divide work tasks on the basis of their urgency and make efforts to finish it. Keep your files and documents in a safe place, such as google drive so they remain handy and you don’t lose them to raise your stress level!

3. Social relations
Social Relations

Your connections to the world matter most and I strongly believe this. Healthy relationships are definitely useful when you want to bring the best out of you.

Though, some of those are more harmful than good. They simply tear you down and not worth your time.

However, this doesn’t mean to break the bonding. Instead, connect with it in a way that shows positive effects to you.

Avoid Multitasking

No matter how much productive and quick you think you are while doing Multitasking, You’re actually not. Let me explain this.

While attempting many things at one time, you have to redo the leftover work you didn’t complete in the first place, resulting in distraction very easily.

A new task may require different attention and switch between them actually brings stress and make you feel inadequate or dispersed.

Therefore, stop multi-tasking now and choose full one-to-one focus on a single thing at a time. To simplify life, It’s always good to hop on how effectively you manage your time for long-term quality results.

Be a Conscious Buyer

Be a conscious buyer

Yes, stop buying things that are not worthy at the moment. Every time we go on shopping and only because things are pretty good or we got a huge discount, we buy them immediately without even thinking if this is useful or not.

I mean, this will not only do an addition to your collection of craps but also financially and mentally straining.

Always ask yourself these questions before you purchase anything new:

  • Do I really need this or it will be fine to not buy?
  • Is something more important than this need to be purchased?
  • Can I get it from my family or friend?
  • If something can be reuse or recycle as an alternative to this?

Answers of all these will surely help you to be a conscious buyer. After all, shop with intension helps you to keep track of the money which is a great way to simplify life!


Declutter to simplify life

How many of you feel there’s nothing to wear despite a full wardrobe rack in the house?

Almost all have much more to live a simple normal life. Though, we used to add to our collection believing to live in luxury or impress others. We consider material things will bring happiness to our lives. But, is this really true?

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In fact, the more number of items, the more your mind, and home is occupied and cluttered. Whether it’s an overstuffed closet, work desk, or any junk in the house.

Keep it simple. Make a good space in each room and do not overfill. Start decluttering one room at a time. Set aside the things which you can donate to the needy and throw away the rest.

A clutter-free space looks more pleasing and organized, which in turn, saves your ton of time in cleaning.

Digital Detoxification

Digital Detoxification

Often we complain that we’re running out of the time, but do you know how much of precious time you have wasted just staring at a screen?

Time is money and you’ll never earn it back if wasted. Yet, many of us waste time continuously sitting in front of the TV or carelessly surfing social media.

Furthermore, too much digital obsession can fill your mind with negativity and seize your time in which you can have done something valuable.

Digital detoxification is essential to simplify life. Use apps that help you to track the time you spend on screen, like YourHour. Such apps also lock your application if the fixed time for a particular social media platform is exceeded.

Connect with people through face-to-face or phone calls than social media. Utilize this time for improving your health by going on a great walk, catching a beautiful sunrise, or create a strong bond with your family.

Manage your Finance

Manage your finance to simplify life

Be careful about how you splurge for your expenses. Although you are earning huge, if you’re not in charge of your money, the financial and emotional crisis will be on the other side.

Commit to managing your finance so simplifying life is no more complicated. Ready a budget with all of your earnings and expenses.

Apart from spending or any loans, remember to keep aside a part of savings too. investing in saving or any other long-term beneficiary plans such as FD or SIPs allows you to become tension-free when in need.

Take the help of app to enter your income and outgoings for each month. You’ll be able to see how much you lose and save. Go for automate payments and organize important documents to save time.

As nothing is more challenging than money, simplify your finance as much as possible.

Practice to Say “NO”

Say no to simplify life

Saying NO is one of the great practices to simplify life. Because, in order to please people or make them like us, we think we are liable to say YES to everyone in everything.

Don’t jump into something you don’t feel good about at, be its relationships or work. Don’t worry about what they’ll think or say to you.

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Yes, it’s hard to say NO for some people, but it’s necessary to not blame yourself when you cannot be there due to some circumstances.

On asking, wait for a moment and think if you’re truly available or can do it. If not, genuinely and politely say NO. It’s simple.

Start making conscious choices on how you like time to be spent. Your mental health will get the benefit from this and you can thank yourself later!

Reframe your thoughts

Simplifying life has a lot more to do than cleaning a house. It has to do with your negative thoughts and self-loathing also.

Mostly, our thoughts are completely useless and attached to past experiences and future worries. Such feeling of overwhelm and inadequacy leads many in a depression state.         

Remember, a mind full of worries, doubts, and negativity can never give you a joyful and peaceful life. Accept the way you are. You’re the best in your way.

Engage in morning meditation habit or yoga to keep your mind calm and more focused. You’ll soon be able to notice things positively. One more way to do this is simply note down your thoughts on a piece of paper.

Stop negative self-talk, work towards becoming a better person each day. Never let your thoughts take control over you.

Realize What’s most important

Realize What's important

Do you find yourself confused over numerous responsibilities and have no idea where to start? I think that happens with all of us, including me.

When we have to choose between home, work, and friends, we usually look confused and even stressed concerning whom to give our time first.

Well, the solution is, set priorities. Prioritize everything each day. By making a list of your tasks you’ll gain clarity on which is more preferable to finish first.

Know what you expect the next day, make a to-do list and it will help you to be more efficient with time.

Do what you Love

do what you love

When you’re on a mission to simplify life, what’s the best part is, doing what you truly love and enjoy.

In the rush and hurry of current lifestyles, it is vital to set up free time for yourself. Take a break, sit down in peace, and enjoy your own company.

Maybe you love to hear that music playlist or wanted to read a book of your interest for a long time. Go for it. Don’t stop because life gets so much busy.

Sometimes, a little “Me time” does a big wonder to you. This space lets you reconnect with your inner self and energize you with more positivity and a happy angle of life.

Do what you love, give a big smile and you’re ready to go!

Invest in Self-Care

invest in self-care

For all of us, life is so hectic that it’s so easy to forget about self-care. Though daily self-care is one of the key points to the path of simplifying life.

The reason is, when you allocate a time to rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body, and soul, you’ll shine as a better and stronger person than before.

Self-care can be anything. Having a cup of coffee, reading a good book, playing with kids, treating yourself with a massage, a soothing bath, or anything that let you relax.

Keep one thing in mind, the more you’re better, the more everything else in your will become better.

Freaky Thought’s upshot

Understand, life is never complicated. It’s us that make it complicated. When we start learning to create a more balanced space in our lives, we get success to simplify life automatically.

With a small one-by-one step, you’ll be able to find joy in a simple living too. It doesn’t require luxury, material things to make you happy and fulfilled. It’s you the gives smile and satisfaction.

Are you interested in learning ways to simplify life? Then start with this and let me know what else would you add to this list!