Make exercise a habit with Freaky Thought’s 7 easy steps

Okay – so you are saying you’re not able to make exercise a habit. Well, it’s a common problem with us when we try to make exercise routine.

Initially, we start our daily exercise plan with so much excitement and firmness. And, by the end of the month all our energy drops and we start focusing more on other stuffs of life.

Even though we know the benefits of exercise everyday, getting into an exercise routine is a dream for some people since long time.

While this may be true that regular workout is difficult to start, it’s also true to stick with it. If you lack motivation for your daily exercise routine, probably the chances you stop doing it.

Is that a same problem you face while creating good exercise habits?

Let’s face this. I was also struggling to start an exercise routine in my daily life. Soon, I found my best ways to make exercise a habit in my life.

Let me share you the same tips for you to stay tuned with your daily workout plan:

Wake up Early to hit the daily exercise routine

wake up early

This is really a very tough task, especially in winters. However, researches shows that morning time is the best to hit your daily exercise routine.

You can even set a fix time schedule to start good exercise habits. Evening time around bedtime should be avoided if possible.

I am used to do my morning workouts from 6.30 to 7.30. But, if you want to stick to your fitness routine, setting an alarm before the bedtime will work!

Make daily exercise Fun

Make exercise fun with Zumba

Science has proved that you stay motivated to those things which you enjoy the most. Who says just go to the gym and start hard-core workout?

There is no such rule. Any type of physical activity considered as an exercise itself. Make daily exercise a fun. Want some sporty day? Play tennis. Like dancing? Join Zumba. Or, go for walking or running early morning while enjoying nature.

If the exercise will start as a task, you’ll probably quit your fitness routine. Try to mix up variety of exercises, plus, the ones you find interesting.

I have my own workout plans of core exercises in the morning and a good strength walk in the evening after I had my dinner.

Find your own that works for you!

Join group workouts

Find out your workout companion

Working out in groups is always a great idea to keep motivated yourself. When you start a daily exercise plan, involve your family or friends into it.

No matter how much your urge to stop, It’s difficult to cancel a workout plan with the thought of letting down your partner.

Join group workouts by getting a gym membership or start Zumba or aerobic classes. By this, you can continue to enjoy social time while making exercise a habit.

Be ready with your workout clothes and cheers each other to stay regular with your exercise routine!

Set a small exercise goals

fitness goals
Prepare a list of your goals

Doing all exercises at once is not going to help you. In fact, it leads to quitting the good exercise habits. Always divide your daily exercise plan into small parts.

For example, doing 10-minute run, 3 sets of 10 leg raises or crunches. If you don’t have time to do it all at once in 30 minutes, part your sessions of exercises.

Why so?

At start, your body is not ready for that kind of workout stress. So, set small goals like – am going to walk 1000 steps today or will do 20 crunches a day. This will encourage you to do exercise everyday as well as keeps you healthy in every way.


Not just weight loss only guys! It has a lot to do on your physical and mental well-being. May be you’re not losing weight, but improving your daily task performances.

Being productive at work, lifting heavier and reducing depression – that is also some small goals you have achieved following your daily exercise routine.

Keep a reminder of how regular exercise benefits you

exercise plan

Anyone who wants to make change in their life, need to maintain a to do list. Write down what goal you want to achieve and each step for it. Once you achieve it, it’ll make your willpower even stronger than earlier.

It’s better to do something than promising to do and not doing it. Having a list of what you have achieved and what you want helps you to boost your motivation.

track your goal
Track your Goal

Furthermore, make a habit to track what you exercise. Applications like Google Fit or Fitness trackers keeps the track of your walking steps and let you know how much physical active you are.

I use BetterMe and Takalogy’s exercise programs to stay fit and healthy. They are good applications showing how much calories you have burnt and how intense your workout should be.

Take a rest between workouts

Easy Yoga relaxation between workouts

Between workouts, give your body a chance to rest also. Yes, it is said to not skip a single day without exercise, but it is relatively important to give your body a break – to rest.

You’ll be back with more energy next day of resting. I personally go for Sunday. Still, I choose to meditate, walk or doing some easy yoga poses that are not intense as my daily exercises.

Remember, take a wise rest between you exercise plans!

Give yourself fitness rewards

Reward Yourself

I feel it’s important to reward yourself when you reach to your fitness goals. The reward can be anything from night out with friends, a cheat day with your favorite food or buying a new purse!

Of course, be careful to not misguide your track of eating healthy while giving yourself a piece of burger. But a cheat day once a month is worth.

Giving yourself a treat doesn’t mean to be happen only after a big goal. It can be after any small goal you achieve from your “to do list”. Suppose, if you’ve lost 1 kg, and that was one of the step of losing 15 kg, then have a bash!

Prepare your favorite green smoothie, watch out the new movies or do anything that keeps you motivated with your exercise plans.

Don’t give up!

During your practice of making exercise a habit, you’ll face many barriers distracting you from your path. You’ll fail to kick it often. However, that’s not define you. Instead the action towards your failure makes you successful.

It really doesn’t matter what you do, if you are active enough, you’re gaining something on well-being.

Don’t feel you can’t do it, instead keep positive aspect that you can and you will definitely. I did so, you can do even better!

Share your stories on how you feel after maintaining a good exercise habit with Freaky Thoughts. Tie-up your shoes and get ready to make exercise a habit with these 7 easy steps!