Singapore public transport – how to pay for your transport

I know it’s very confusing when you are in Singapore and looking for transportation that fits in your budget. Singapore transport system is very efficient and easy to use. There are two mode of transportation here: Singapore public transport and private transport.

Both are convenient and available. But I rather would prefer public transports. Public transports are very beneficial and inexpensive as compared to those private ones.

Singapore public transport has many MRT trains, public buses, shuttles and plenty of taxis to roam around the city. In Singapore, passengers pay for their travel by purchasing a standard ticket, with higher amount compared to EZ-Link and Singapore Tourist Pass.

Now the thing is that you can pay through all the options above. So it’s confusing to select a perfect and budget friendly option that helps you to travel a lot without any struggle.

So let’s see how you can pay for your transport in Singapore:

Standard ticket

Standard ticket
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You can go for printing a standard ticket that is a single-journey ticket for MRT & LRT only. The Standard Ticket (ST) can be purchased from any General Ticketing Machine (GTM) at all MRT and LRT stations.

ST facts:
  • A standard ticket includes single journey cost + S$0.10 deposit.
  • Cash top-up is available at Passenger Service Centre in case you travel more than you paid.
  • The ticket can be re-used 6 times within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • On your 3rd trip, the deposit will be automatically refunded on the travel fare.User can also enjoy a 10 cent discount on the 6th trip.
  • If you don’t travel for what you’ve paid, then you can also requests for refund within 3 days of purchase at Passenger Service Centre in MRT Station.
  • At the end of your journey, go to the General Ticketing Machine to refund deposit.

Also note that the fares are considerably higher than the EZ-Link Card.

EZ-Link Card

EZ-link card

If you are going to stay long in Singapore or have plan to use public transport often then EZ-Link card is the best option you go for. EZ-Link card is the contactless smart card that allows you to pay for your transport fares.

They are much cheaper and easiest way to pay for public as well as private transports.

EZ-Link Card facts:
  • The card is not only helpful for public transport fares at MRT or buses but also for private transports and taxis.
  • You can use it to buy food and beverages from stores and at vending machines.
  • You can purchase the card at TransitLink Ticket offices and Passenger Service centres at most MRT Stations at cost S$12 (S$7 stored value + S$5 non-refundable deposit).
  • However, if you buy it from 7-Eleven, then it will costs S$10 with S$5 value and S$5 non-refundable deposit.
  • Minimum top-up value is S$10and maximum stored value is S$500.
  • You need to swipe the card over sensors in buses and trains while you enter and leave to deduct exact fare of travel.
  • EZ-Link will expire in 5 years and you can exchange it at Ticket Office.
  • Note that to use it on buses and MRT, minimum balance of S$3 is required in EZ-Link.
  • The card can be topped-up at any General Ticketing Machine at MRT station, 7-Eleven or other places.
  • You can redeem the credit left or save card for later use.
  • Track current balance of EZ-Link and transaction history on EZ-Link app and earn points to redeem discounted items.

The card is the most convenient for returning visitors and frequent travellers.

Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore tourist pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) offers you unlimited MRT, LRT and basic bus rides for 1 day (S$10), 2 days(S$16) or 3 days(S$20). If you are going to travel often in Singapore then Singapore Tourist Pass is the best option for you.

  • You get charged S$10 deposit while purchasing the pass, which will be refundable when you return the card within 5 days of buying it.
  • If you don’t return card and keep it with you then the deposit will be forfeited. Now, you can use the card as normal EZ-Link.
  • You can get the pass at TransitLink Ticket Office at many MRT Stations.
  • The STP is returnable at any TransitLink Ticket Officeor SMRT Passenger Service Centres.
  • Travellers can grab exclusive offers from restaurants and many Singapore tourist destinations.

Get more information on this here.

Singapore Tourist Pass Plus

singapore tourist pass plus
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Singapore Tourist Pass Plus is an extension of STP that offers unlimited rides on trains and basic bus services with great offers such as free entry to some most attractions or dinning vouchers.

  • The purchase cost depends on from where you buy this pass.
  • You can get it from online or Changi Recommends’.
  • The pass costs S$28 for 1 day and S$38 for 3 days.
How to choose best one?

If you are using public transport less than 3 times a day or staying for short period of time, then I prefer you should go for standard ticket.

Go for EZ-Link card if you plan to travel often in public transport and staying longer in Singapore or visiting frequently. According to me, you need to go for STP+ only if you are interested in enjoying free half-day tour or some exclusive offers.