Top 10 Budget Friendly Travel destinations  – you must visit

If you have planned your trip in last year and haven’t executed yet, then it’s time to plan a trip in current year. Often people look for travel destinations that fit to their budgets, whether its flight booking, hotel stay, meal preferences or other activities.

Where travel expenses touches the sky, normal people not able to afford to travel their favourite places. Cheapest places to travel are just not budget friendly but also offer you some mesmerising sights and great experiences. For me, it’s important to keep my travel budget friendly.

So, if you are the one who loves to travel without breaking the bank then check out my most budget travel destinations for this year:

1. Nepal

Nepal - budget travel

Located in South Asia, mainly in Himalayas, Nepal is in our checklist of budget friendly travel this year. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is indeed has heart-touching nature that may be the love of many travellers. The bustle of the capital city is an attraction of most tourists.

If you want to go for trekking then no worries! Thamel is centre of attraction for tourist and mountaineers. Routes of Himalayas have many tea houses to eat and rest.

You can just relax and calm yourself by having a picnic feel or just read book by lying on a lawn mats at Garden of Dreams, in Kaiser Mahal Kathmandu. Visit Nagarkot to take feel of village life with stunning Mountain View.

You will also find buses at cheap cost to travel across the country. The cost will be hardly between 15$ to 20$ a day to roam in this country.

2. Georgia


It’s a country located in Caucasus with traditional mountain wooden houses and black sea beaches. Tbilisi, capital of country, with the old traditional wooden houses and Soviet architecture is perfect to start with.

Its ever-green art full of life and energy, cultural vistas with the combination of 21st century gives a perfect answer to every backpacker. With staying facility from hostels to hotels, restaurants serving good foods, art galleries, parks, museums, street view and modern architecture, everything you wish!

After Tbilisi, you can go for monasteries like Vardzia, Udabnoand many inside caves. Batumi is again worth to visit its botanical garden, Europe square. Meanwhile you can enjoy at black sea too.

Don’t be surprised if your expenses will be lower than your expectations!

3. Cambodia


Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia, is well known for its confounding kingdom, rich history and cultural, lively lifestyle with smiley faces.

Angkor Wat, a huge religious monument in world and amazing temple complex, has been worth visiting for backpackers since long time. With the great combination of spirituality and uniformity, Angkor wat is a live example of human’s devotion to God.

Siem Reap, a resort town, which also a gateway to Angkor region, is always destined for great things like hotel stays, variety range of cuisines, relaxing spa and massages, shopping and that too at low cost.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital is known for its beautiful historical architecture and sights attractions. Many places likeTuol Sleng Genocide Museum, royal palace and independence monument, add more value to your trip.

You can travel across the country in tuk tuks or moto-remorque by spending just few dollars.

Both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are popular for happy hours. With a glass of cocktail and mesmerising sun set view will be easier on your wallet!

4. India

India - budget travel

India is a second largest population country in the world located in South Asia. Consisting of 29 states, India has many different languages and cultures. Different religions add diversity to the land of populous democracy.

Bounded by Himalayas Mountains in north, Indian Ocean in south, Bay of Bengal in east and Arabian Sea on west, magnificently increases the beauty of this country.

Starting from top, Himachal Pradesh with breath-taking beauty of rivers and valleysis an adventurous trekking stop for mountaineers. River rafting, Paragliding and hot pool bath are mainly centre of attraction of backpackers. Kullu, Manali and Shimla are the ones who are for honeymooners as well as trekkers.

Visiting Jammu and Kashmir, heaven on earth, is well known for its captivating natural beauty. Enthralling sight of picturesque lakes and rivers with houseboats, valleys covered with snow are worth to visit once.

From that, Leh Ladakh will be best option for nature lovers. Further taking a look at Rajasthan, Udaipur and Jaislamer known for its rich cultural heritage and great Rajput rulers history, are the best for desert activities.

Taj Mahal at Agra, a beautiful ivory-white marble mausoleum located at bank of Yamuna River, known as “symbol of love”, is attraction of every tourist.

Gujarat is a tourist attraction since long time due to its rich history, historical carvings and monuments, scenic beauty and unique cultural folk dances. Kutch rann utsav is an awesome festival placed in Kutch in the month of November to February. White desert is worth to watch under full moon.

Talking about southern part, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Diu and Daman, Goa have scenic mountains and valleys, beautiful hill stations and beaches.

You will likely to spend $10 – $40 without breaking your bank balance, and that totally depends on how comfortable you want to be.

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5. Indonesia

Enchanting country made up of numerous volcanic islands, is mainly known for its beaches, volcanoes, arts, animals, cultural dramas and spirituality.

Bali is one of the popular tourist places with fascinating tropical beaches, diverse landscapes and various cultural monuments across the city. Their people are deeply spiritual and reflecting a unique Hindu culture that love to know about. The cultural dramas show the history of spirituality.

With the minimal cost around $25 – $40 you will find a good resort to relax yourself and enjoy the nature. Pura Tanah Lot, Ubud Art and Culture, Kuta beach, Nusa Islands, Goa Gajah and many more are the places to add in your list to visit.

Go further to explore islands besides like Komodo, Lombok or java, or going for rural Flores would be the best.

6. Thailand
Thailand - budget travel

Thailand, a land of smiles, is popular for very cheap travel across the country for backpackers. Its Buddhist temples and hills, tropical beaches, and lovely Thai foods holds its own charm.

Looking at the city of cloudy mountains and colourful hills, Chiang Mai, is truly an excitement landmark for adventurous people. The old city is an attraction of beautiful temples, museums and interesting sites with ancient city walls and moat. Wildlife lovers can visit Night safari and enjoy range of activities.

Overlooking the city from its mountainous throne, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is one of the most sacred temples for Thai people. People can take a private trek tour through national park often in morning and explore jungles of Thailand.

In a route, look at the temple of Doi suthep and enjoy bamboo water rafting. The trek will end at most sacred temple that is located at 3,500 feet above sea level. You can enjoy panoramic view of Chiang Mai city from here.

Further explore can be extended with Bangkok’s delicious street Thai noodles at just $1, Kanchanaburi for history and nature lovers that fit to your budget of $5 to $10. You can take a visit to Krabi, the place where some scenes of famous Bollywood movie “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai” get shooted. Phuket will be little bit more expensive though.

You can enjoy the scenery by spending little money on train to travel across Thailand.

7. Guatemala

Central American’s Guatemala, captivates travellers with its ancient Mayan sites, extraordinary landscapes, volcanoes and rainforests. Though having this country in our budget friendly destinations list, it’s filled with beautiful sceneries and friendly locals.

Tikal, located in northern Guatemala, is hidden in jungles and an ancient Mayan citadel that contains dizzying pyramids that evokes interest to most tourists.

Also, highland lake of Atitlan (between the water), covered with Mayan Villages, gives you stunning experience by cheap local spots, meditations and spiritual activities.

Antigua is the islands of beautiful white sandy beaches with number of coves and bays. There are many delicious restaurants with cuisines across the world for foodies. Plenty of cultural activities and scuba diving will be good for you.

Semuc Champey, consisting 300 m Limestone Bridge is a great place for tourists to enjoy swimming in turquoise blue water pools. You can enjoy the sightseeing of nearby water caves too.

Mid-range hotels and restaurants including snacks and basic meals costs youjust $20 – $25 per day, doesn’t that sounds pretty good?

8. Mexico

With Distinctive Mountain landscape, snow-covered volcanoes, deserts and jungles Mexico, country located in southern North America, conjures up realistic dream to any visitor.

Beauty of its sandy beaches, stunning wildlife, archaeological monuments, arts, churches, museums and variety of regional dishes will touch your heart.

Despite of appetizing foods, Southern city Oaxaca, which is known for its indigenous cultures, crafts, and art scenes. Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, wooded forest area in Oaxaca, is breath-taking for many hike lovers to hike, ride horses, and delicious green mountains capes.

There is a state Chiapas, at south Mexico, has highlands with many Mountains and heavy rainforests with attractive colonial towns perfect for nature lovers.

Yucatán Peninsula dazzles you with ancient Maya ruins, beautiful coastlines, Gulf of Mexico waters,coral-crushed white sands, azure Caribbean. Those who want to explore more of beaches, can go for several cultural and fun activities, like interesting museums, art shows in Mérida, free concerts, and underground natural pools with thrilling boat tours.

Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are little bit costly due to resorts. On an average budget in Mexico could be $35 to $ 60.

9. Morocco

Morocco is a country of amazed diversity from epic mountain ranges to ancient cities and panoramic deserts that creates a different world of colors, tastes and warm hospitality for travellers.

There is backpacker hostel facility is available for backpackers. If you want relaxation from buzzing streets, then you can choose traditional hotels with garden view at little more budget.

Sahara desert is a world’s largest hot desert, with boundless sea of sand dunes having different shades of gold is a worth to look at once in life for adventures and unique experiences. You can enjoy “sand bath” spa at sun rises in tents built by Berber men.

Stargazing under the sky is most magical experience without noise and pollution. Also you can do some camping and spot the wildlife over there.

In Fez with rich culture and traditions, you can visit7 gates of the Royal Palace or Fes El Bali walled medina with medieval Marinid architecture and vibrant souks.

Other centre of attractions that travellers finds cheap are Chefchaouen, Dades Valley and Tangier. It’s quite cheap around $40 – $60 without breaking bank accounts!

10. Romania

Romania is considered as very affordable country in terms of foods, accommodations and other sightseeing and entertainment options by travellers. Rocky Mountains with flawless landscapes, rolling hills and fortified churches with great natural beauty and rich culture legacy.

Transylvania, the central historical region of Romania, also known as “the land beyond the forest” is good to visit to discover the beauty of Eastern Europe’s medieval towns.

Brasov, a city in Transylvania is much known for its medieval towns featuring OldSaxon architecture, bastions, the towering Gothic-style Black Church and lively cafes. This ringed mountains city offers elegant view to town square with hiking to nearby mountains.

If want to explore more, can visit Sibiu, Sighisoara, Biserica Neagra (Black Church) and Council Square (historic centre of Brasov).

With a little waterfall and mostly covered in green moss, Bigar waterfall in south-western Romania gives picture perfect view. You can play water games here too!

Approximately this country will be on budget about $30 – $40 per day. If you want to explore more, then prices will be more too!

Noted prices in this list are just suggestions and approx. Travel expenses totally depend on individual. If you stay in shared hostel rooms and go for street foods mostly, then definitely it will be at low budget. But if you go for somewhat nicer or say classy ones then it can cost you more.

So start packing your bags and take a ride to these budget friendly travel destinations!