Travel Items you should have in Your Checklist

Whether it’s your first trip or you often travel, packing is a headache for everyone. Travel lovers mostly go on an adventurous trip or a fun trip, whether long or short distance, need basic things to be carry in their travel items checklist.

I am talking about every type of travel trip, may be it will be a one day trip, a conference travel or a long time trip.

When I travel, I mainly focus on packing the things to save space in my luggage. Keeping handy required things with me, packed in separate small pouches, helps me to find things better anywhere.

You know when it’s too frustrating and time consuming? It’s when you forget things to take with you or even when you forget where actually you have put your things in your luggage.

It’s time consuming when you are asked for your passport or boarding pass or identification documents and you are just trying to find them out.

Also, there will be possibility that your beloved luggage may not arrive at your time or it may be late for one or two days. Then what? The basic management like keeping document organizer, money belt, and toiletry wallet helps you to access your basic requirements anytime anywhere.

If you are about to start your trip, then you might be looking for items needed for your travel. These list will help you to organize your stuff very well, without any frustration and tension, so that you can get a chance to enjoy your trip at fullest. Let’s start!

Luggage Bag

Choose Travel Bag Wisely

Whenever you think about traveling, a guaranteed warranty luggage bag is always necessary to hold your stuff. A light weight and spacious bag is much better to frequently access your essentials. Don’t go for ordinary one. Spend some money to buy branded with hard shell to protect your luggage.

Get Your Clothes

Get basic clothes
Get Your Basic Clothes

Pack your shirts, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, socks, innerwear, scarf, sleepwear, jackets and all the things you want on your trip. In case of winter packing do not forget to take sweaters, hand gloves, socks and a winter hat.

Take your swimsuit with you if you are planning for beaches.

Toiletry Wallet

Toiletry Pouch

Toiletry wallet or pouch will be useful in case of lost luggage. While struggling with lost luggage, you do not need to spend extra money on your toiletry as they will be with you even your luggage is not arrived.

Basic toiletry needed anytime anywhere. So put your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and lotions, comb, bobby pins or some little hair ties, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, your other cosmetics, laundry items in toiletry wallet.

You can add deodorant or perfumes, shaving kit, scissors and toilet paper or face wipes.

Packing Cubes

Travel Packing cubes

When I reach to my destination, I always suffer in finding my things in luggage. I mess up my luggage when I am not able to find it. Well, I found packing cubes then, which helps me to keep my bundle of particular things separate.

I put my cosmetics and other beauty products separate in a pouch, winter stuff in another and clothes separate. 

Several packing cubes are also available. You can choose them to keep your stuff organized.

Travel Pillow
Travel pillow
source: pinterest

Even if you are travelling, a quality sleep is necessary for refreshment of next day. Sometimes travelling in bus, train, and plane or even in your personal car, it’s hard to fall asleep in comfortable manner.

By using travel pillow or inflatable neck pillow, you keep your neck rested and find easy to sleep comfortably.

Eye Mask and Ear Plug
Eye mask ear plug
source: travelsafe

Do not underestimate both of these. After ignoring them in my few trips, I have recognized how much its disturbing when someone turn lights on or plays loud music. I immediately took them for later ones.

Multipurpose Shoes
Multipurpose Shoes

Many travellers pack couple of shoes while travelling. Having multipurpose shoes can helps you to lower the number of shoes you take to travel. Make sure they are comfortable and waterproof. You can also put them in shoe cover to keep separate.


Have you ever thought that on airport you are looking for your passport and you could not find it then? Do not forget your passport!

See the steps to apply passport online in India.

Document Organizer
Document Organizer

Make a habit to purchase and keep a document organizer with you. Putting all essential documents you often require at one place will make your work easier. At airport or any other place, it’s frustrating to find documents where you need your documents for identification frequently.

Keep your passport, visa, personal ID, travel tickets and information, emergency contacts, photocopy of every document and few photos of you. You can keep a notepad and a pen for any requirement.

Money Belt
Money belt
Source: Amazon

Money belt is an efficient way to organize your money and cards. It’s a handy belt you can carry wherever you travel. As money belt comes with multiple pockets and holders, you can overcome the hassle of keeping wallet with you everywhere.

Put your money, credit cards and other documents such as passport, boarding pass or visa.

Power Bank
power bank

This will save your phone battery from dying. Whether you are at plane or travelling along to your destination in bus or train, power bank is a good idea to carry with yourself. Weather you do not find any plug for your charger or you are away from your charger, power bank is there for you. But you have to make sure that it’s fully charged before using.

Universal Adapter
Universal travel adapter

All countries has not similar outlets to charge your electronic appliances. It’s a good practice to carry a universal adapter while travel. So that you can easily charge your laptop, camera, phones and any other gadget.

Water Bottle
water bottle

Staying hydrated is equally important in travelling. Keep a reusable metal water bottle with you, so whenever your bottle is empty you can refill it. It’s very expensive to buy a water bottle from airport or in other countries.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

I am a photo lover. I’m very much addicted to click photos of me as well as surroundings. If that is the case with you, you need a digital camera for sure. Do not forget to capture moments to create awesome memories. Try with DSLR and mirror less camera.

First Aid
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

Medications are always at priority when you are going far away from your place. It’s possible that you may or may not get your required medications over there, so just carry your own.

You never know when you need first aid kit, in flight, at trekking or at anywhere. This will include bandages, antiseptics, pain killers, cotton balls, cold and fever medicines, and any other prescribed medicines for you.

Travel Security
Travel Security

Buy small security travel lock that for your luggage to keep safe. Keep your essentials close to you, like money belt and document organizer.

Travel insurance
Get Travel Insurance

You must be wonder that why travel insurance is necessary? Let me clear this with some points.

What if you have planned a vacation and on cancellation you are not getting your money back? Having travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits, helps you to cancel trip with valid reason.

During your trip, medical emergencies will be paid off by this insurance.

Leave Home Safe
Leave home safe

Apart from safe journey, you also required to leave your home safe if you are going for a long trip. Like taking care of your bills, unplugging electronics, and arrangements for garden or pets.

Properly lock your house, leave an extra key to your trusted ones and leave your house safe.

Also, there are other factors that you need to take care of, like confirming your booking of flights and hotels, taking review and guidance about the places where you are going etc. Also healthy body and mind will be an addition to your happiness while travelling.

Stay healthy, keep things in mind you should have in your checklist while travel and be free to enjoy your travel at fullest!