Ultimate tricks to wake up early in the morning without feeling tired

I’m an early bird since long time. Normally, I wake up at 6:00 AM, making myself fit while enjoying nature. However, I always wake up early for my study times, I’ve been used waking up at 4:00 AM (yes!).

That routine taught me one thing, “Rise early for life changing stories”.

For many people, sleeping in their soft and comfy bed is more satisfying than getting of the bed in mornings. When the alarm goes off, being lazy we think let’s sleep little bit more.

And, when the alarm is near you, you snooze it every time like you’ll only wake up when your body tells.

Waking up late can make us reach late at work and rush in hurry to complete morning process. If you’re a student, probably you’ll miss a chance to be a topper!

We know about the fact that “Wake up early to become healthy and successful”. Also, we try our best to kick ourselves out of the bed.

Still, we can’t. do you know why? Because, we are maintaining few not-so-good early waking habits.

How many of you have a strong urge to wake up early in morning and yet not succeed? No worries.

I am sure you’ll be no more “late riser” after applying my ultimate tricks to wake up early in morning (that too without feeling tired!):

Find an irresistible reason why you want to wake up early

find the reason to wake up early

To make any changes in life cycle, counting wake up on time, you need a strong compelling reason why you wanted to do this.

It’s important to find an irresistible reason why you want to wake up early. Is it a work, to get things on time or now you have become a health conscious?

One of the reason you fail to get up early is you don’t have that enough strong reason to must move on.

Finding your motivation should be strong enough to drive you to your “early riser” dream. This motivation is the only thing to keep you going to get off the bed when alarm rings.

Understand what stops you

late night work

Understand the things that are stopping you from waking up early and tackle them.

May be you may have your work done till late night or played video games. It’s fine to find enjoyment, but when it’s about wake up early, I’ll suggest you to adjust this times.

For example, you can schedule your late night work to early morning. Watch your favorite show or play games when you get a break from work.

If you have depression, anxiety or sleep disorders, then it might be causing you to sleep late and wake up late.

Visit a doctor for severe cases, or else you can join me to my article on natural depression treatments and ways to dealing sleep disorders.

Exercising at night can make you fall asleep longer due to tiredness. So, the best time for it is in morning.

Stop everything at least half hour before your bedtime to prepare for the sleep.

Read on how you can make exercise a habit.

Cut out the caffeine before bedtime

cut out the caffeine

People often take tea/coffee when they need to stay awake. When we have work and we need to complete it by today, we normally go for a cup of coffee or tea.

However, intake of these caffeine or alcohol can disrupt your sleep cycle, especially when you’re on “early bird” mission.

Avoid this caffeine and alcohol stimulants at least 5-6 hours before your bed. This will help you to have a good quality sleep at night and increase the chances of you to get up early.

Further read on benefits of drinking green tea.

Get relax before you sleep

reading book

Keep in mind, when you go to bed by keeping all stuffs in mind, perhaps it’ll take time for you to fall asleep. Therefore, you’ll end up waking up late next morning.

The rays from the screens of TV, laptops and mobiles is harmful to your health and can rouse your brain, tricking it’s a daytime.

Many people lay down on the bed coming straight forward from late night work. Some just check the emails or watch TV or play video games.

Let me tell you guys, these are not good bed-time routines and can affect your “get up early” goal. Switch off all of it.

Instead of this, why don’t just read a good book, listen to soothe music, meditate or nourish with refreshing shower?

Plan the next day

Now, the reason is clear why you want to wake up early and what stops you from it. To be more effective in your track, you can plan your next day.

Actually it has benefit with your sleep time. You’ll get more 5 minutes to sleep if you organize your day earlier in night. Isn’t it great?

Keep the plan ready about what you have to do throughout the day when you wake up.

If you want to spend some family time while having breakfast or get pending work done before you leave, save some time by preparing things at night.

Things like, keeping your clothes, shoes, bag, wallet everything ready will do the trick.

Set an alarm

set alarm

Set an alarm before your actual waking time. Initially, this will work. Though you don’t have to think that it’s earlier time than I wanted to wake up at when alarm calls.

Better you put several alarms if you’re a heavy sleeper. Although, I am not a heavy sleeper, I put alarms at 5-minute interval, in case if I follow the “I don’t want to wake up right now” feeling.

Putting alarm far in different corners can disturb the sleep of your near ones. So I suggest to set multiple alarms in your phone. I am setting 5 alarms in my phone, so it won’t disturb others.

Sleep early to wake up early

sleep early

If you ask me for my secret to be an early riser, I’ll definitely suggest you this point.

It’s a natural thing that if we sleep early, we wake up early. If you’re a night owl and wish to wake up at 5:00 AM, how’s that possible?

A habit to go to bed early will ultimately force you to wake up on time.

When you tend to go to bed early, your body gets enough time for rest and improvement.

And, if you have trouble in sleeping, try to read a book while lying on bed or listen music. This way you’ll get to sleep faster.

Have a good night sleep

have a good night sleep

Do you feel refreshed if you didn’t sleep well last night? The answer is NO. you can’t look fresh and feel good if your sleep is not enough completed.

Good quality sleep is must to feel refreshed when you wake up next morning. Though you’re changing your sleeping time, it will be tough initially. Though by practice it will be a routine.

As per research, our sleep cycle has five stages which lasts for 90 minutes. Babies sleep 16 to 18 hours a day for better growth while and adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep.

 You can adjust your sleeping time with your waking up time. I go through the 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM sleep-wake cycle as 7 hours are enough for me.

However, this cannot be the case for everyone. Some needs 8-hour sleep while some just 4 to 5 hours. Find out your comfortable hours and set sleeping time accordingly.

Few tips to get a good night sleep
  • Go to sleep and wake up every day at the same time.
  • Avoid intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bedtime.
  • Relax yourself with a bath, reading, music or anything that relaxes you.
  • Use pale lights and limit the screen you use, like: TV, laptop or phone.
  • Even if you don’t feel to sleep, read a book or listen music until you feel asleep.

Be firm, never let your mind fool you

never let mind fool you

Why we generally fail to wake up early because we hit that “snooze” button when alarm calls and go back to sleep again.

How many of you have faced this? I think almost every person, including me. Despite your best intention to get up early, our mind urge us to sleep for “5 more minute”.

However, that’ll be no more 5 minutes you slept after your alarm goes off. It’s far more time than you set in alarm last night.

Never let your mind fool you to sleep again once alarm rings. if you listen to your mind’s excuses, you’ll never be an early bird.

When it calls, get out of the bed immediately. Go to the bathroom and wash your face. The initial 10 minutes will be full of sleepiness, however, later you realized you’ve did it!

I know, that’s tough. But with strong mindset you’ll get it, for sure.

Make a goal with someone

Find a friend or family member who also have the same goal like you. This will give you motivation to get up early.

Take inspiration from someone you know who have a habit of waking up early. Furthermore, you can even ask them to wake you up with them.

When you plan with someone, you normally don’t think to give up. and even if you think, you think about them first.

Don’t jump into “wake up early” habit immediately

It’s impossible to apply any change in a long term habit overnight. If you wish to get up 5:00 AM instantly when you currently waking up at 8:00 AM, that’s like day-dreaming.

Instead, start incremental changes. For example, if your wake up time is 8:00 AM, then set alarm to 7:45 AM first. Then gradually decrease 15 minutes daily.

By doing this way, you’ll not feel pressure of getting into the habit and things will become easy for you. To become early bird will be no more a heavy task for you!

Find the morning sun light

Waking up to the warm morning sun light will help you to get over that groggy feeling of “I don’t want to wake up right now, will start from tomorrow”.

The warm sun rays and natural weather keeps you awake and refreshed. it helps your body to accept that wake-up time and keeps you alert after waking up.

Open window curtains and stand there for few minutes. It will be best if you’re drinking warm water to satisfy the night thirst!

Stay consistent


Look, let’s be practical. If you wake up early for 2 days and not for another 2, it won’t work. You have to be consistent to apply this habit in your routine.

Your mind and body will thank you later if you go to bed and wake up every day at the same time. You’ll maintain a regular pattern by this that keeps you going with your early rising desire.

Remember, it takes some time for your body to adapt this. This is the reason why some people suffers from jet-lag while travelling.

So be patient. You’ll get it once your body become used to it. If you keep changing your sleep-wake pattern, it’ll be hard for your body to understand this sudden changes.

Treat yourself for a non-breakable routine

enjoying coffee

Now that you have achieved it, it’s time for a treat! Yes, a treat. Why I am saying this, because when you force yourself very hard into this, it looks like a task.

So, it’ll be no more a task if you make it fun. Let say, you have achieved to wake up at 7 rather than 8 for a month, it’s time for a treat.

Enjoy the coffee with your loved ones, take a leisure morning walk with your spouse or whatever makes you happy.


Be mindful of the fact – transformations don’t happen overnight. Just include these early riser tips to your lifestyle and stay consistent to them.

Once it become a habit, you’ll automatically get off the bed before alarm rings. share with me which secret has worked best for you in comments!

No matter what, just don’t give up. It can be difficult, but as you keep trying, you’ll definitely reach there. I know, you’ll do great! Good luck with that! J