What is depression? How to fight depression naturally

What is depression?

Depression is the state of unhealthy mind where you lose your interest in daily activities, feeling depressed and also having negative thoughts coming in mind.There is a medical depression definition, but it’s very hard sometimes to diagnose.

Every 1 person out of 10 is suffering from a depression nowadays. And this ratio is increasing day by day with changing lifestyles and habits of people. With disturbing lifestyles and lack of physical and mental care, depression seems common in people in current time.

It just not affect individual’s health, but also affects the thoughts process and lead towards negativity. Depression affects you in terms of how you feel, act and think. You will constantly feel low and that can cause you mental and physical illness.

There are some medical treatments like consulting a doctor or trying a therapy or medicines. There are many things that you can do by yourself to fight depression naturally.

By changing habits, lifestyle and some way of thinking and physical activity can help you to beat depression.

Depression Symptoms

Dealing with depression can be difficult if you are not aware of the symptoms. Common depression symptoms are lacking of interest in any activity, storm of negative thoughts going in your mind, feeling very low and sad.

Following are the common depression symptoms:

  • When you feel empty from inside, hopeless and sad.
  • Less interest and involvement in activities.
  • Fluctuating weight gain or weight loss.
  • You are unable to sleep properly or you feel sleepy more often throughout a day.
  • Feel low, energy is down.
  • Not feeling worth of yourself or any guilt.
  • Lack of concentration, also thoughts of death, suicide is going in your mind.

If you see this happening with yourself, then these can be the signs.

I know overcoming depression is never easy, but some of them can be curable by you with some natural ways to fight situation! But if you are at the severe stage of it, then doctor consultant is necessary for you.

Don’t worry if  you are seeing these symptoms often! As we all know no one’s life is perfect. Everybody is facing ups and downs in their life.

Ask yourself– do I have depression? Or am I depressed?

If the answer is yes, start working on yourself with the following natural remedies for depression:

1. What causes depression

Depression is a result of some painful or unwanted circumstances, imbalance lifestyle or you are emotionally exhausted.  It is hard to get the root cause of the depression, but keep asking yourself questions:

  • Is the cause is related to any financial disturbance?
  • Due to your personal life problems? or job or workplace?
  • What is actually causing?

Try to ask yourself questions and get the root of your problem.Once you will know what causes depression, just think if it really matters to your life? Or is it really worth to get depressed due to these reasons?

Sometimes things that may suffer you are not that much worthy in life. They may stay or may not stay in your life does not affect you much. In such cases, you just need to avoid over thinking.

2. Do Regular Exercise

With regular exercise, you can improve your mood and keeps  you relaxed. Exercise is the way to relieve you from depression as it releases  mood-elevating hormones in brain and reduces stress.

Exercise does not mean that you just go to gym and do exercise. It means you just need a physical movement. Apart from gym, you can go for dance, tennis, swimming, walking or any adventures tracking.

3. Relax Your Mind with Meditation

Meditation is proven way to calm down and relax your mind and body. Whether you are suffering from depression, fatigue or stress, meditation is a powerful way to kick all of them out from your life.

Mindfulness meditation practice every day keep you focus on your breathe and current moment. Meditation helps you to deal with the negative  thoughts of mind and take you to the positive thoughts.

4. Eat Healthy Foods to Fight Depression

Eat healthy foods to fight depression naturally. You may wonder how a healthy diet can recover from this painful state? Well, when you are depressed or stressed you eat more than regular and not healthy.

Healthy diet can help you to lighten up your mood, nourishes and energize your body that motivate you and keep you active.

Avoid fast foods or junk foods and alcohol. Reduce sugar intake in your daily foods. Add some green vegetables, fruits, and foods that give you more nutrients, vitamins, and energy.

5. Get in a Routine to get over depression

depression can take you off from daily activities. Involving yourself in a daily routine helps you to get back on track.  You will slowly get over this state by setting a gentle schedule.

Know that the current situation of yours is not going to lasts forever. If you change today, you will get tomorrow better. Focus on times when you feel scattered most. Plan things that you enjoy, set basic mild schedule and kick the depression off your mind!

6. Set your goals

Depression puts you down and you may feel like this situation is never going to change and things remain like this only. Instead of involving into these types of feelings, try something new. Set your goals and work on it.

When you try to accomplish your goals, your brain constantly  involves in the direction of achieving the goal. Make your goal that you can succeed at. Once this is achieved you will feel better and then you can make more challenging goals.

7. Get enough sleep

Your sleep disturbs due to constant physical and mental instability. People find it hard to sleep due to stress and a little sleep can make depression worse. You may sleep more or you may sleep less.

What should you do to get enough sleep then? Make a habit to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t take nap during a day.Don’t keep any interruption in your room such as TV, laptop or phone.

Take bath before you go to sleep that makes you relax. Having proper and enough sleep will make you feel more energized during a day.

8. Do what you enjoy

Depression makes you feel more exhausted and you need to try to come out of it. Try things that gives you joy. Try different and new things what you enjoy.

If you like music, then go for it. Music is the best healing and makes your mood light and happy. Do some adventures things, painting,discovering some natural places.

Hang out with friends, spend time with family and your loved ones. Anything that can lift up your mood and energy helps you overcoming depression.

9. Talk about depression issues

Don’t suffer by inside feelings. It builds anger and irritation inside you. Talk to your trusted people, family members, therapist or  psychiatrist. Express how you feel.

A good conversation with trusted ones can make you feel relaxed. They can help you through your feelings to get rid of depression issues.

Get back to life

When a person is depressed, it’s hard to back to the normal life. Individual can beat low, moderate or high level of depression. In this article I have covered basic symptoms and ways to get over depression.

All this hacks will work for all level of depression. But if you are suffering from moderate to high level of it, then consult a therapist or psychiatrist.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from depression, help them to identify the symptoms and let them know that there is a problem. Also it’s hard to accept that cure for depression may work for some and not others.

Don’t let yourself down, relearn to enjoy every aspect of life. Remember, this situation is not going to lasts forever; you have to get up and fight to your tough depression times. 

Get up and live your life happily!