What is Green Tea and how to make it at home

Tea is, undoubtedly, the most consumed drink in the world after the water. Without tea, our mornings are incomplete.

Drinking a cup of tea in the morning is a common habit that every person has in their routine life. However, health-conscious people always look for some healthier option than those high caffeine drinks.

Green tea is said to be the best healthy drink to add in your daily drink next to the water. Also, there are many health benefits of Green tea, counting from weight loss to curing many diseases, including cancers.

Sometimes, Green tea may not taste as good as we think. The problem is, most of us don’t know the correct way to prepare it.

No worries! Freaky Thoughts will make you learn the proper brewing technique of Green tea. But before that, know what is Green tea and where it came from.

What is Green Tea?

what is green tea

There is no secret in how much Green tea benefits our health. But what is Green tea actually?

It is a type of tea that is prepared from dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike Black Tea and Oolong Tea, green tea doesn’t undergo the fermentation process.

As the leaves of this tea are less processed, it preserves great levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

Though all the 3 types of tea are made from the same plant, the difference is the processing of the tea leaves.

History of Green Tea

The root of the Green tea has found originally in China, which has later spread to many countries in Asia, including Japan and India.

Initially, the tea was accidentally found when the Chinese Emperor Shennong has mistakenly drunk a cup of water that had few tea leaves boiled in it.

He found the taste incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating. And, thus, a new flavor of tea – Green Tea – has invented.

The tea has been used as a traditional Indian and Chinese medicine to cure and treat many diseases from centuries.

China was first in drinking green tea, which later consumed by many people around the world for its global health benefits.

Green Tea Nutrition facts

Number of bioactive compounds present in Green Tea offers numerous health benefits. Having rich in antioxidants, it is also loaded with powerful “polyphenols”.

Flavonoids and catechins are the type of polyphenols, that benefits our body by removing unwanted free radicals and byproducts that can damage our body.

The most powerful and active compound in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate, also called EGCG.

It is what helps to make our immune system strong, protects DNA cells from damage, prevents fat storage and several infections in the body.

Apart from EGCG, catechins present in green tea are: epicatechin, epigallocatechin, gallocatechin and epicatechin gallate.

Next, let’s learn how to brew Green tea properly at home.

How to make Green Tea at home

Although, we all love sipping a warm green tea, but sometimes it may not taste good as we think. Many of us don’t know how to make Green tea at home properly.

If you don’t know the exact brewing technique, you’ll end up tasting it bitter. In fact, preparation of green tea is little bit different than that of Black Tea.

Making a flavorful cup of this tea is very easy and just few steps away from my technique to how to brew green tea at home. you can buy green tea of your taste from online too.

So, let’s prepare it.

How to Make Healthy Green Tea with Leaves

green tea leaves

Here are the steps of making green tea with leaves:

Prepare with:
  • A cup of water
  • Green tea leaves (consider 1 teaspoon for 1 cup of green tea).
  • Tea strainer to strain liquid out of solid leaves.
The Steps you follow:
  • Measure 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves and put it in a tea strainer.
  • Now, take a teapot/steel pan with 1 cup of water in it and heat it.
  • Remember, the water should not be too much hot. The ideal temperature is 80-85° C.
  • Switch off the flame when water is about to boil.
  • Place the tea strainer on your tea cup or mug.
  • Slowly pour the hot water through the strainer and let the tea leaves steep for 2-3 minutes in it.
  • Keep tasting your tea every 30-40 seconds in between, just to check if the taste is correct for you. If you want stronger tea, steep it again for few seconds.
  • Take the strainer away.
  • Add few drops of lemon or a teaspoon of honey, whichever suits you, to add flavor.

Here is your Green Tea ready! Take a sip of it and enjoy.

Making Green Tea with Tea Bags

green tea bags

I love this way of making Green Tea. It’s so easy and convenient that we can make it anytime anywhere. All just you need is a cup of hot water!

Prepare with:
  • A green tea bag (I use lipton green tea bags)
  • One cup of hot water
  • Lid to cover the cup
The Steps you follow:
  • Heat the water at the temperature of 80-85° C in a stainless steel pan / teapot.
  • Once the hot water is ready, put the tea bag into the cup and pour hot water into it.
  • Cover the cup with a small lid and let it steep for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, remove the lid and tea bag from the cup.

Stir the tea with a spoon and savour the refreshing drink!

How to Brew Green Tea with Powder

brew green tea with powder

You can also go for brewing green tea with powder that you’ll find readily in market. Here is a way to brew green tea with powder.

Prepare with:
  • Green tea powder 1.5 teaspoon
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 spoon Honey
The Steps you follow:
  • Pour a cup of water into a steel pan or bowl and heat it to the ideal temperature of around 85° C.
  • After switching off the heat, add a green tea powder into it and soak it for at least 3 minutes.
  • When you see the color changes to brown, just pour it through the strainer.
  • Add honey to it, mix it well.

Now you can enjoy the flavor of rejuvenating green tea!

Though Making this tea seems easy to you, the “Perfect Green Tea” formula lies in the brewing process.

Let me share you few Green Tea Brewing tips so that you can be the master of making it! 🙂

Green Tea Tips

  • Make sure to maintain appropriate green tea to water ratio. i.e. per 3 grams of green tea, take 8-ounce cup of water.
  • Use filtered water than distilled water.
  • Keep in mind to not boil the water. Boiling water reduces the antioxidant properties of Green Tea.
  • The ideal time for steeping is 2-3 minutes. This will give the pleasant flavor. More than that, your tea will become bitter.
  • Choose small container to brew green tea.

With this blog, you now know how to make green tea at home and become champion in it.

If you’re the one who always counts calories, unsweetened green tea is simply as powerful as your exercise routine.

Allow your health and fitness goal a boost with this healthy warm yummy green tea! And not only for weight loss, it helps your health in many ways.

You’ll enjoy drinking green tea even more if you know number of benefits of Green Tea. Also, few healthy Green tea recipes won’t make you feel bored with it. Well, for that healthy ride, you have to stay with me!