White River Manor Review – The best Rehab Center

Often happens that we know how our addictions and habits are beating us, but due to lack of dedication and motivation, we just give up on them very easily.

Those who are battling with such situations can better find help at Rehab Centers offering intense care and support in a great ambience.

One of which is White River Manor Wellness & Rehab Center, an executive Rehab Center in South Africa, perfect for a long-term self-recovery amid nature.

What White River Manor has to offer?

White River Manor offers extensive addiction and disorder treatments for those seeking sensible freedom from several conditions.

With its exclusive location in the magnificent town of White River, Mpumalanga, the center also take care of your comfort in its five-star accommodations.

You will surely love the feeling of peacefulness and luxury as it’s each accommodation has either a separate garden, pool or lounge.

Furthermore, several recreational facilities here, such as, tennis court, SPA, walking trails, Gardens, Fitness Center, etc. are what makes this rehab center so special.

Additionally, the team of professionals and specialists is expertise in addictions, substance and co-occurring disorders. So, all your individual, as well as group sessions, will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

Not only this, but they also provide an aftercare facility so you don’t fall back into the same thing again.

The Treatments

From the substance abuse to addictions like, alcohol, drugs or even gambling and gaming, a range of the treatment options is available at the center for clients.

Also, if you’re suffering from any behavioral disruption or life skills like depression, anxiety or anger, an in-house particular therapy will help you to improve it.

The experts here do the in-depth consultation and dual diagnosis to reach to the root of your unexplainable addictive states.

As your concern is important, a flexible specific plan will be designed and you’ll be nurtured well in order to enhance your growth.  

Usually, the center provides treatments for men and women, pregnant women, professionals, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, plus executive burnouts too.

Furthermore, these advance therapy methods are backed by the 24-hour operating medical staff on-site.

After all, it believes in consistent healing so you can transform yourself into a completely new life.

Cost for the Center

Even though having top-notch opulence and pampering treatments, the center delivers excellent value for great affordable money to its visitors.

The duration of the stay is normally between 28 to 120 days, but it changes as per how much treatment you need.

However, the cost for the center ranges from $7,550 – $25,950, depending on which room you choose.

Final Thoughts

The best part of the White River Manor is it comes with special treatments addressing almost every aspect of life, no matter if it’s your addictions, life, body or mind.

Moreover, they also offer numerous types of therapies, including meditation, nutrition and motivational ones for the upbringing approach.

So whatever angle of your life you’re fighting, the restoration therapies and a unique atmosphere will be an ideal oasis for finding a path to your wellness.